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  1. bergamot commented on Luann almost 4 years ago

    I’d spank the kid.

  2. bergamot commented on Get Fuzzy almost 4 years ago

    Bucky I love thee.

  3. bergamot commented on Twaggies almost 4 years ago

    Ouch. That one stings. However I do have tall friends who know their job is “reacher of things in high places” .

  4. bergamot commented on Foolish Mortals almost 4 years ago

    I really like this comic so far. I wish it was at least bi-weekly.

  5. bergamot commented on Pinkerton almost 4 years ago

    I like both titles. Negative Marvin, Pessimistic Rodrigo. Great.

  6. bergamot commented on Buni almost 4 years ago

    Find a penny pick it up, for a day you’ll have good luck.

  7. bergamot commented on Buni about 4 years ago

    I love that he’s smiling.

  8. bergamot commented on Get Fuzzy about 4 years ago

    I know these are reruns, but this is my favourite story arc.

  9. bergamot commented on The Big Picture about 4 years ago

    Simpsonfan2 is right. You should really stop regurgitating this stupidity Lennie. I realize these are reruns, but you’re not exactly making a killing here (although you may kill people if you drive anything like we’re led to believe) and you’re putting people off.

  10. bergamot commented on Get Fuzzy about 4 years ago

    I’m with ya Varnes .