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  1. cj7ole commented on For Better or For Worse 2 months ago

    My dad got me started in woodworking when I was a young teenager. Now I have the whole shop to prove it!

  2. cj7ole commented on JumpStart 3 months ago

    Wait…the typical response is “OK”, not good…

  3. cj7ole commented on B.C. 4 months ago

    They have woods??? Don’t remember seeing them before.

  4. cj7ole commented on B.C. 5 months ago

    By not mentioning Easter, I am offended. Bring back the old BC.

  5. cj7ole commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 months ago

    Attending your child’s or grandchild’s events is way more important to you than to them. I can attest to that, I didn’t attend many of my son’s games, and now 40 years later I still feel guilty.

  6. cj7ole commented on Garfield 6 months ago

    Did she work for the Colonel?

  7. cj7ole commented on Luann 6 months ago

    My, this strip has evolved over the years…

  8. cj7ole commented on For Better or For Worse 7 months ago

    As a militant anti-smoker I cringe anytime I see anyone smoking now. All I can think of that the only thing more stupid than smoking is strapping a bomb to your chest. Which reminds me, those 72 virgins they think they are going to meet after they push the button , I am told, are all nuns with great big rulers in their hands…

  9. cj7ole commented on B.C. 8 months ago

    Speaking of Christmas, years ago my wife got me a copy of Johnny Hart’s “I Did It HIS Way”. So if you long for the old BC, get a copy. By the way, Merry Christmas everyone!

  10. cj7ole commented on Pearls Before Swine 9 months ago

    I got Michigan figured out.