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  1. SCAATY_423 commented on Doonesbury 2 months ago

    Nice! I was waiting for that one.

  2. SCAATY_423 commented on Francis 2 months ago

  3. SCAATY_423 commented on Baldo 4 months ago

    Cold leftover pizza…mmm…!

  4. SCAATY_423 commented on Baldo 5 months ago

    It is true, however. A recent book, “The Shallows”, reviews the history of how the human brain has evolved to receive and process information, from the invention of writing and the earliest alphabets to the present day. In the context of what we’ve learned about neuroscence, each new invention has physically rewired the human brain, so that areas of the brain supporting older skills that are no longer used regularly — the verbal memory needed in a preliterate society, for instance — actually atrophy. They may not be unable to be regained, but the loss is real enough. (The book is readable and compelling; check it out.)

    Whether this is enough to qualify as “stupider”, well….

  5. SCAATY_423 commented on Non Sequitur 8 months ago

    Why is this surprising? The whole point of religion — any decent religion — is to help you get there, by showing you the truth about yourself, and how you relate to those around you and to God. But religion is like training wheels: once you get it right, it’s no longer necessary. (St. Paul said something much like that in Galatians, IIRC.)

  6. SCAATY_423 commented on Baldo 8 months ago

    It’s easy to assume that anime (or its printed counterpart, manga) is all about fantasy and martial arts, aimed at adolescents. Those are very popular and lucrative genres, but in Japan they’re also used for education and business applications. Even as entertainment, there are slice-of-life stories about sports, romance, school, business, and history.
    As for their status as art, I suggest the animated film “Grave of the Fireflies”, a harrowing and beautiful story about two Japanese orphans at the end of World War II. The story is set in a desperate time for Japanese civilians, especially two young children alone in a place where no one could afford to care for them, or even notice them. It is one of the greatest films you’ll ever have seen, animated or live action.

  7. SCAATY_423 commented on Luann 10 months ago

    That may be the clich√©, but a clich√© is all it is. The average guy is not an emotion-shunning Neanderthal, and two good friends would really have this conversation. (You don’t know any guys who would? Sucks to be you, my friend.)

  8. SCAATY_423 commented on Francis almost 1 year ago

    Even a Catholic priest grew up in a house with a least one woman (mom) and probably more (pesky little/overbearing big sisters).

  9. SCAATY_423 commented on Baldo about 1 year ago

    Make it do,
    Wear it out,
    Use it up,
    Do without.

  10. SCAATY_423 commented on Francis about 1 year ago

    Being liberal, in the sense of abandoning what has been, is not the mission of the church — that isn’t even intelligent liberalism, just as mindlessly holding to the past and changing nothing is intelligent conservatism.
    The Pope is in the position of a ship’s captain on a rough sea: to keep the ship whole, on the course given it, without losing the cargo entrusted to it. He can manage the ship by adjusting its course as the winds and the seas change, sometimes going all ahead full and sometimes not, but always mindful of its final goal.
    It ain’t easy. There have been good captains and others who were no better than pirates; at the moment, the church has been blessed with a really good one.