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  1. Bob Vious commented on Arlo and Janis 4 days ago

    les debutants

  2. Bob Vious commented on On A Claire Day 12 days ago

    Maybe she makes quilts.

  3. Bob Vious commented on The Humble Stumble 12 days ago


  4. Bob Vious commented on Drabble 30 days ago

    KTB called it first.

  5. Bob Vious commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    The darker your skin (the more melanin) the longer you can stay out in the sun without worrying about skin damage/eventual skin cancer. White folks can’t safely stay out nearly as long as very dark folks.

  6. Bob Vious commented on Drabble about 1 month ago

    On the previous version of this, his dad agreed with him that he did the right thing.

  7. Bob Vious commented on On A Claire Day 2 months ago

    I was driving someone else around for about two weeks, and he didn’t act like he was trying to find another car. I found a good deal for him, and told him he could sell it later and get another one if he wanted. When you’re chauffeuring someone around, and especially if they have a different work schedule, it really really stinks. Don’t do that to your friends or family.

  8. Bob Vious commented on Monty 2 months ago

    This strip has the ugliest kids, which is one reason I like it.

  9. Bob Vious commented on Wizard of Id 2 months ago

    get the tap water. it’s a lot cheaper.

  10. Bob Vious commented on Arlo and Janis 2 months ago

    Well I’ll be dogged, I guessed it right on July 9th.