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  1. Jimfinity commented on Charmy's Army almost 2 years ago

    Awesome cause! Props to you! That’s fantastic! Hope it raises tons o’ dough!

  2. Jimfinity commented on Charmy's Army about 2 years ago

    I was also sorry to see you (and Charmy) leave the contest! I agree with you on the strips and 1-panels left… some pretty bleak stuff. No one could deny the level of your art and characters exceed what left and I hope you feel good lasting 9 rounds of eliminations! One has to remember, it’s mainly the opinion of a few judges (whoever they may be). There’s definitely other people at syndicates that might feel differently. For what it’s worth, as great as Charmy is, I’d develop other concepts as well. But don’t abandon Charmy! Syndicates and comic strips are in such a state of evolving…who knows where they’ll end up? There are so many comic strips (mainstream and webcomic) that get optioned for cartoon development all the time (like Scary Gary) so keep your stuff out there and noticed. I know you’ll always keep cartooning out of the love that you have for it, so that’s great! When I was booted out of the contest last year, I stopped cartooning for a few months. It just deflated me somehow in a way I couldn’t explain. I’m happy to be back doing it, if only for the love I have for my characters. You probably feel the same. You’re way more skilled than me and your productivity is definitely an inspiration! Sadly, some of the obvious self-voters are still in the contest! Ha! We’ll see where that gets them! There’s probably some weird politicing that goes on in the judging as well since a few of the entries left have accounts with cartoonist studio for their strips. Oh well. Bottom line: you got far, your work rocks, and you have passion for what you do! keep it up and keep inspiring other budding cartoonists, like me!

  3. Jimfinity commented on Charmy's Army about 2 years ago

    Good luck ! Fingers crossed for the final week! Amazing accomplishment to get week 9! Cheers!

  4. Jimfinity commented on Charmy's Army about 2 years ago

    Sent 2 votes for Charmy this morning!

    I do like Adams comic too! Reminds me of Savage Chickens in a good way! Success to both of you!

    Don’t forget, it really is the judges decision and many lower vote getters made it to the last week last go ’round! You guys are talented and have fun strips!

    You’re doin’ great so far!


  5. Jimfinity commented on Charmy's Army about 2 years ago

    Hey, congrats on making it to week 5! I’ll send a vote or 2 your way when I can vote again later! i appreciate the quality of your art and your strip! Of course, votes don’t matter a whole lot in that contest. People with 25 votes made it to the final week last year while some with the mysterious 1000s of votes were cut. Keep up the great work tho! Love your strip!

  6. Jimfinity commented on Putz! about 2 years ago

    Ha! That was pretty laugh-out-loud funny! Well done!

  7. Jimfinity commented on Van Gogh over 2 years ago

    i seldom check into Sherpa but I did today & THRILLED to see Snow sez back. And sad to see Van Gogh isn’t.

  8. Jimfinity commented on Putz! over 2 years ago

    You always deliver a laugh, man! A lot of work in this one too! GREAT strip!

  9. Jimfinity commented on Charmy's Army over 2 years ago

    Ah, a good pun! The lifeblood of the comic strip! Well done!

    And you’re lightyears ahead of most cartoonists with your art / pacing / characters / jokes.


  10. Jimfinity commented on Van Gogh almost 3 years ago

    Senor Rocky! You gotta let us know what’s going on! We miss your strip!