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  1. hogenmogen commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    I thought the quintessential plugger recipe was
    1. Pull up on the beer tab until a gaping hole appears in the top.
    2. Push down tab.
    3. Drink.
    4. Repeat as needed.

  2. hogenmogen commented on Drew Sheneman 1 day ago

    They should make a gas tax that phases in when the price of gas goes down and phases out when the price rises.

    That way, we can fix a few roads, but we’re not stuck with the tax when prices are dragging on the economy. Took me four seconds to come up with that. You’re welcome, Washington DC.

  3. hogenmogen commented on Marshall Ramsey 1 day ago

    Y’know what the GOP should really do to mess up Obama’s plan? Pass their own bill! That’ll teach him!

  4. hogenmogen commented on Ted Rall 1 day ago

    CEO pay is based on other CEO pay, not on any fundamentals. Same with sports star salaries. The .com bubble happened because internet IPOs were being valued on other internet IPOs, not on what they were really worth.

    When the market cap of a company goes up, the CEO takes all the credit. However, the economy and the general direction of the market usually have more to do with it – as any CEO will explain to the board of directors when the company loses market cap.

    Huge CEO pay can only be justified if the CEO has to pay the company back if they lose money. Since no CEO would agree to that structure, you have to price in the possibility of failure to the salary and bonuses.

  5. hogenmogen commented on Jen Sorensen 1 day ago

    “Everything is made by foreigners” and “immigrants are taking our jobs” are not the same argument. In fact, if there are so many jobs elsewhere to make stuff to sell here, the immigrants would stay in Immigrantland where they came from.

  6. hogenmogen commented on Matt Wuerker 1 day ago

    Southern Comfort is from Louisiana, not Ky.

  7. hogenmogen commented on Pluggers 6 days ago

    If I were a car thief that didn’t know how to drive stick, I’d just take the keys to be a dick. Because that’s what car thieves are – jerky dicks with no class.

  8. hogenmogen commented on Pluggers 7 days ago

    It’ll be more like “I just wanna watch TV!”
    “No, let’s play in this little fort! It has a little window that … OH MY BACK!! Honey, get me the pain meds! Sorry, pumpkin, Grandpa has to sit on the couch all afternoon.”
    “Yay! TV!”

  9. hogenmogen commented on Pooch Cafe 7 days ago

    I was once having sex with my girlfriend and the cat was watching. I didn’t like it, but my girlfriend was a cat person. Afterwards, the cat pounced on my - yeah, there. Freakin’ cats.

  10. hogenmogen commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 7 days ago

    Couldn’t God-Man just have sent Upside-Down-Lower-Case-e-Man straight to jail? Or have given him the desire to return the money and surrender to the cops? Or go back in time and avert the whole crime by providing a wholesome, nurturing environment for the kid who would have grown up to be UDLCeM?