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  1. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 5 hours ago

    If you look at the strip for Saturday, October 3 – in Panel 2 – you can see Guz talking to a soldier from Lem on the left hand side of the panel. Then – over on the right hand side of the panel, it looks like Oola is walking with Queen Umpa – the first black silhouettes on the right hand side. You never can tell – maybe the Lemians got wind of a coming disaster and rushed to Moo to get everyone evacuated. It seems more like Guz us just talking to the Lemian soldier. OR the Lemians could have tricked the Moovians into believing that the Lemians had advance knowledge of a coming disaster – and that soldiers from Lem had arrived in order to help the Moovians evacuate to a place of safety. I remember a story arc from a LONG time ago – maybe back in the 1950s – when there was some sort of huge storm – with savage winds, a lot of rain and flooding – which was headed to Moo – and everyone in Moo had evacuated – except for Alley and Oola – who had been off adventuring. So, when Alley and Oola arrived in Moo – they were astonished to find the place deserted. By the time that Alley and Oola realized that the storm was coming, they didn’t have time to evacuate – so they climbed up in to caves which were high up on a cliff – and rode out the storm there. After the storm washed through Moo – the Moovians returned.

  2. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Gasoline Alley 23 days ago

    I have a feeling that we are about to re-visit past Jack Benny salutes!

  3. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Wizard of Id 28 days ago

    When I use the calendar to go back to 2001 and 2002 – nearly ALL of my favorite comics say something like “never forget.” Yet, by 2015 – most of them HAVE forgotten. How sad!

  4. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Nancy 28 days ago

    It is wonderful to know that you can always count on Aunt Fritzi and Nancy to put everything into a proper perspective.

  5. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    I am still thinking that, for some reason, Bernice will be drummed out of the dorm and will end up bunking with Luann and settling in to Brad’s old room.

  6. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    When 1942 Doc met with Foozy on Thu, Jun 18, they met on a nice, straight, seemingly paved road, similar to the road which Alley is standing on now – and, when Foozy walked away from 1942 Doc, Foozy was headed in the direction now indicated as heading TOWARD LEM, according to the sign which Alley now sees. Of course,at that time, it would have been 73 years since the LAST time that 1942 Doc was in Moo and spoke with Foozy! Yet, Foozy and 1942 Doc recognized each other and Foozy gave Doc a fairly recent account of the last time Foozy saw Aley and Oola – when Alley told Foozy that Alley and Oola were headed out to take in a movie. And it has been more than a year since Foozy last saw Alley and Oola – Saturday, May 24, 2014! The Yahoo Comics rendition of Alley has MORE THAN A YEAR of Alley strips lined up on one page when you check out Alley there, and, currently, the Yahoo comics version of Alley lines up recent Alley strips all the way back to April 2014 – when Alley and Oola were escaping from LEM. So it is pretty easy to check out the past year of Alley strips.

  7. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Since Alley and Oola have been gone for an entire year – maybe all of their friends have forgotten them?

  8. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Re – davidf42 said, 20 minutes ago

    I’m surprised his post is still there. I, for one flagged it, and I’m surprised that GoComics hasn’t said anything.


    I am am not sure if Go Comics still does things this way – but way back when, there was someone who kept posting comments – which were mostly an advertisement about something like shoes on one of the strips which we usually followed. Finally, everyone else got fed up with the multitude of advertisement-like comments for shoes – and began flagging the advertisements for shoes. What Go Comics did was eliminate ALL of the comments regarding that particular strip. Go comics also stopped posting comments by anyone who had been making comments on that strip and had flagged the multitude of comments which were nothing more than advertisements for those shoes. We know people whose comments were locked out of Go Comics for as long as three years – mainly because they commented about the comments which amounted to advertisements for shoes. Go Comics kept sending our frineds notices that it was time for them to renew their “Pro” status – but it took more than three years for Go Comics to realize that one of the reasons why those folks were not renewing their subscription was because their comments had been locked out by Go Comics. So be very careful about flagging comments made by someone else. Go Comics does not seem to have a way to differentiate between mild-mannered comments about offensive comments – and the offensive comments themselves.

  9. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Since Alley and Oola have been in 1942 since July 1 of 2014 – I can’t help wondering why Doc decided that he would need to send a messenger to the 2015 time lab. It seems like 2015 Doc has no idea that Alley and Oola have been missing for more than an entire year!

  10. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Since Alley and Oola have been in 1942 since July 1 of 2014 – I wonder how Doc decided that he needed to send a messenger to 2015!