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  1. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 2 days ago

    Bet the detective is really Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective.

  2. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Andy Capp 17 days ago

    a “Chippy” is a little stand which serves a quick meal of traditional British fish and chips.

  3. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Working It Out 19 days ago

    More likely, he OWES the bank $5 because they had to “service” an account with nothing left after they deducted all of their other “service” fees!

  4. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 19 days ago

    In Re – AshburnStadium said, about 7 hours ago

    I would have thought that motion picture companies would have evolved far beyond the condition of this studio by the early 1940s, unless it’s for something that was then referred to as a “blue movie”! I could see a studio in that condition in the 1910s.


    Maybe the studio is a “set” instead of an actual studio? One of the Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective, stories was made into a movie in 1947 – called Blackmail. Then, again, John Wooley did a made for TV movie – but not sure which Hollywood Detective story they used. A LOT of Western movies were filmed in “ghost towns” – especially after hiring extras became so expensive. So the “studio” which we are seeing could actually be a “set” for a dilapidated studio for a movie about a movie studio in decline. The director whom Alley and Oola met could have been strolling down the street of the “dilapidated movie studio set” when he spotted Alley and Oola and decided to bring them in as extras for his movie about the prehistoric world.


    I couldn’t help but notice that Oola’s dress has suddenly grown long enough to cover her knees. When Alley and Oola “zanged” into the 19402, Oola’s skirt was still ABOVE her knees!

  5. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 25 days ago

    I am guessing that Alley and Oola are going to discover that they have become a part of a Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective yarn – I just discovered that John Wooley- “Wooley also penned the script for the made-for-TV movie Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective.” Alley and Oola may believe that they are going to become a part of a movie about the prehistoric world – but – at some point, Dan Turner, the Hollywood Detective – or a reasonable facsimile of Dan Turner. Too bad. A story about Alley and Oola becoming involved in the 1942 war effort would have been interesting. But I guess it looks more like we are headed for another “Hallowe’en in July, August, September and October” story.

  6. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 29 days ago

    I don’t know if this would be any kind of clue – but there IS a new comic out – titled Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective: Dark Star of Death. As I understand it, this is an attempt to put some 30s detective stories in to comic form. In this particular story, Dan Turner, the Hollywood Detective, is hired to help find a missing person, connected with a Paravox Studio. What made the Hollywood Detective stories popular in the 30s were the veiled references to well-known Hollywood celebrities. Maybe Oola and Alley have landed in a Dan Turner Detective Story?


    “Turner is hired by a has-been actor to find his “best friend,” Paravox Studios bigwig, Kane Brewster. He finds the terrified Brewster hiding out from a bookie in a small cottage. While the two men talk, Turner hears a noise outside, and, investigating, finds a beautiful girl listening at the window. As he chases after her, a shot rings out inside, and Turner returns to find Brewster murdered. As Turner searches for the shooter, he encounters a number of interesting characters, most of whom appear to be loosely based on well-known Hollywood celebrities – of that time period.


    If Alley and Oola have landed in July 1942 – they are arriving seven months following the attack on Pearl Harbor – which was December 7, 1941. So they COULD also get swept up in the national war effort of that time period. Would be a LOT more interesting than moving toward a re-visit of the Frankenstein movies for Halloween.

  7. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 30 days ago

    Wonder if this means they are going to get mixed up in the early days of World War II? The original Frankenstein movie opened in the 30s – so it looks like Alley is by-passing the early days of the movie. The Frankenstein movie which was being aired in 1942 was the Ghost of Frankenstein. Hopefully, Alley and Oola will become involved in something other than a continuation of LAST year’s Hallowe’en story!

  8. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Nancy about 1 month ago

    I am kind of surprised that Pluggers, Gasoline Alley AND Nancy all seemed to skip Father’s Day this year. Last year, Nancy had a really great strip, remembering all of the various people who play a parenting role in a kid’s life. Hopefully, there are some strips scheduled for June which will have a family theme. Time to see more of Phil and Fritzi together. Also, hopefully, this summer, there will be time to remember Esther Williams. During the 40s and 50s, Phil and Fritzi spent a lot of time at the beach while they were dating.


    From FritziRitz.com
    AUNT FRITZI – showing off her diving skills – Late 40s, early 50s



  9. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on On A Claire Day about 1 month ago

    This sounds like they are heading out to join Brenda Starr at the Old Comics Home. Wonder if the web page will just go back to the beginning of the series – Like For Better or Worse – and repeat everything – or if there will be new episodes. Looks like regular readers are going to miss the wedding!

  10. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    I am wondering if the plan is for Alley to take Oola to 1931 to see the opening of the first Frankenstein movie. Of course, Alley is in for a shock, since the movie is only loosely based on the book. In the movie, the monster is responsible for the death of a child – which could end up being pretty shocking to both Oola and Alley. Then, of course, there is always the possibility that 1931 movie patrons will catch a glimpse of Alley, decide that he is the REAL Frankenstein monster, and take off after him with pitchforks and torches. We have four months left until October, so that might be a tad early in the season. Of course, Dinny could always hitch a ride on the time machine, end up in 1931 with Alley and Oola and rescue both Alley and Oola – and provide the basic idea for the Godzilla-type movie monsters!