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  1. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Herb and Jamaal 3 days ago

    Technically speaking, back in the not-so-distant-past, you could send a postcard for a penny – so a penny for your thoughts usually meant sending a postcard. At the same time, it cost two cents to mail a letter. So putting your two cents in usually referred to writing a letter. Nowadays – it costs a whole lot more to do either!

  2. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 8 days ago

    Re – Night-Gaunt49 GoComics PRO Member said, about 9 hours ago


    In my notes I have September 21, 2002.


    Thanks for the tip. I used the Calendar feature and “time-traveled” back to 2002! Actually, know what has gone before DOES help unravel what i going on in the current story! I often surf back into the distant past for most of the strips which I follow closely. Back in those days, there was a DIFFERENT story for the Sunday strip. Quite interesting! Whenever Mutt and Jeff fails to post a new strip for Sunday, I just surf back into the distant past and enjoy Sunday strips from years gone by!

  3. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 8 days ago

    Has anyone else noticed that the color of the room where they are all talking has changed from purple to green and back again – except for one day – when it was yellow?

  4. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 15 days ago

    Re – Emile Schwarz said, about 9 hours ago

    @Unca Scrooge

    The strips are not higher quality, but you can watch the text AND the images in that pdf (one single week of strips and text from Unca Scrooge) here:



    I surfed in to this page, using Safari – and I was able to enlarge the page enough to make for easy reading. Thanks for the link!

  5. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Nancy 15 days ago

    I liked the summer of 2013 – July 24, 2013 – Fritzi, Phil, Nancy and Sluggo spent part of the summer at a lake-side cabin camp -


    JULY 24, 2013


    Fritzi and Phil on their Favorite Date during the 40s -
    At the Beach and At the Pool

  6. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 16 days ago

    Re – Rondec said, about 2 hours ago

    That’s like showing someone in 1942 a 2015 smart phone. There’s an axiom about any sufficiently future technology being indistinguishable from magic.


    Sometimes, innovations developed in the far distant PAST have been forgotten, then distrusted when re-discovered in the future – then becoming commonplace in the future.


    An example would be the development of SHORTHAND. For example, there is evidence that, several hundred years B.C., Romans and Greeks had developed a system of brief forms which enabled them to write down speeches, etc., VERBATIM! This system of shorthand was well known and in use during the early centuries A.D. People who were most likely to use that system of brief forms were people involved in the study of medicine and in various aspects of business, including accounting. Then that system of shorthand was forgotten and not used much, except by scholars who had access to libraries of documents which had been written down during the B.C. centuries, when that system of shorthand was being used. Around the 1600s, some scholars re-discovered the use of brief forms so that speeches could be written down verbatim. However, when some people first began using the re-discovered system of brief forms, which enabled them to be able to write down speeches verbatim – they were accused of using “witchcraft” to capture all of a speaker’s words! Eventually, however, those using brief forms to write down speeches verbatim began to refine the system of brief forms until the Gregg system of brief forms became the accepted system for keeping transcripts of trials and other important public meetings and speeches! Although widely used world-wide from the early 1900s through around the early 1960s, after a while, businesses stopped depending on the Gregg system of shorthand brief forms to record speeches verbatim. And then – suddenly – along came twitter – and young people developed their own system of brief forms – and believed that “old folks” probably couldn’t understand the system of brief forms which the young people had “created.” Hw cd smthng lk tht hpn?


    Once upon a time, B.C. folks had also found a way to move mammoth stones, and assemble amazing, monumental buildings – then whatever system they used to do all of those incredible building feats were lost. NOW people are wondering how those B.C. folks managed to perform those incredible feats of engineering!


    In the meantime – surely 73 years has passed in MOO between the time that 1942 Doc FIRST visited Moo – and 1942 Doc’s RECENT visit to Moo – when 1942 Doc spoke to Present-Day-in-Moo Foozy and learned that Alley and Oola had gone to a movie. So, surely, 1942 Doc visited a Moo which had moved forward in time at least 73 years since the FIRST time that 1942 Doc visited Moo – which would have been back in 1942, Doc’s Time. And, comparing 1942 Oscar, Doc, Alley and Oola, etc. to Present Day Oscar, Doc, Oola and Alley, etc. – they ALL appear NOT to have advanced any in age during the past 73 years! Maybe time travel holds the secret of defying aging?

  7. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 17 days ago

    We know that 1942 Doc went to current Moo, because, when Doc found Woozy, Woozy was the one who told 1942 Doc that Alley and Oola had gone to see a movie – and 1942 Doc wondered how Alley and Oola would be able to go to a movie in 1942 (?) Moo. So maybe it is DOC who is displaced – instead of Alley and Oola?

  8. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 20 days ago

    Not sure if this is an important point or not – but Ava’s hairstyle is definitely NOT a 40s style hair-do. I remember noticing – back when Lana made her first debut – that some care had been taken to draw Lana WITH a 40s style hair-do. But Ava’s hair style was not something which came along until much later – AFTER blow dryers had become popular.


    Something else to contemplate. COULD it be that the reason that Lana resembles Oola so much – is because Lana IS a direct descendant of Oola’s? Of course – if you look back – the 1940s version of Alley, Oola, Doc and Oscar all look pretty much the same as the 2015 version of Alley, Oola, Doc and Oscar. So – maybe – time travel has a rejuvenating effect on those who travel – and they do not age?

  9. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 24 days ago

    RE – Wootietoot said, about 19 hours ago

    Good luck with a 1942 technical knowledge of figuring out what that tiny device is and how it works. Assuming it had some kind of 25th Century(or thereabouts) technology, or even 2015 tech, he would open it up to find a circuit board with some IC’s or some such on it. He wouldn’t have a clue of what this thing is, since nothing like that existed back in WWII. The newest time machine was a Dave Wowee deal so supposedly even the time machine in the lab right there would still be full of vacuum tubes, not transistors or more.


    Technically speaking, the technology which led to a lot of modern innovations – such as WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., was originally developed by none other than actress Hedy Lamar during World War II. Unfortunately, although she made her research available to the U.S. military, the military didn’t take anything she said seriously until about 1960 -


    The following is from the Wikipedia write up about Hedy Lamar —


    During her first marriage, Lamarr developed a keen interest in applied science, and bored by her acting career, utilized this knowledge as an inventor. At the commencement of World War II, keen to aid the Allied war effort, she identified jamming of Allied radio communications by the Axis as a particular problem, and with composer George Antheil, developed spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology to defeat it. Though the US Navy did not adopt the technology until the 1960s, the principles of her work are now incorporated into modern Wi-Fi, CDMA and Bluetooth technology,and this work led to her being inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2014.


  10. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Nancy 26 days ago

    When I remember Fritzi, Phil and Nancy, they were listening to Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Rex Allen, Peter, Paul and Mary, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Marvin Rainwater, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, Doris Day, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby, Goggi Grant, Johnny Cash, Lawrence Welk, Rosemary Clooney, Mitch Miller, Burl Ives, The Ames Brothers, Jimmy Dean, Roger Miller, Les Baxter, Debbie Reynolds, The Kingston Trio, Marty Robbins, Glenn Miller, Mills Brothers, Guy Lombardo, Dinah Shore, Perry Como, The Ink Spots, Ella Fitzgerald, Andrews Sisters, Les Brown, Johnny Mercer, Les Paul Trio, Vaughn Monroe, Betty Hutton, Frankie Laine, The King Cole Trio, Count Basie, The Harmonicats, Tex Williams, Tex Ritter, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, Margaret Whiting, Spike Jones, Evelyn Knight, Julie London, Red Foley, Teresa Brewer, The Weavers, Phil Harris, Patti Page, Mario Lanza, Eddy Arnold, Kay Starr, Percy Faith, Vera Lynn, Jo Stafford, Jimmy Boyd, Kitty Kallen, The Crew Cuts, The Chordettes, The Fontaine Sisters, The McGuire Sisters, Bill Hayes, Perez Prado, The Four Aces, Roger Williams, Tenessee Ernie Ford, Nelson Riddle, The Platters, Guy Mitchell, Buddy Knox, Pat Boone, The Crickets, Paul Anka, Jimmie Rogers, The Everly Brothers, Sam Cooke, Danny and the Juniors, David Seville, Sheb Wooley, Jay Livingston and Ray Evans, among others – too numerous to mention.


    In the meantime – here are some pictures of Aunt Fritzi doing the Jitterbug -

    FROM FritziRitz.com