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  1. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 4 hours ago

    Re – dheine1971 GoComics PRO Member said, about 9 hours ago

    Dr. Wombug doesn’t know Alley and Ooola are missing and stranded in present day Africa about to be prisoned by natives!


    At this point – we don’t really know that Alley and Oola are in “present day” Africa. Actually, I would be somewhat impressed in they were in 1920s or 1930s Africa – and met someone like Edgar Rice Burroughs – who would use Alley and Oola as models for Tarzan and Jane in the eventual books. OR Alley and Oola could be in Africa during the period when Teddy Roosevelt was hunting game there. Alley and Oola could also still be in 1942 Hollywood – and bouncing around on various movie sets! Actually, I am hoping that Alley and Oola are NOT in “present day” Africa – it seems to me that there are more story possibilities if Alley and Oola are in Africa during a different time period. It seems to me that if the story is placed in present-day Africa, the writers would be somewhat limited as to the directions which the story could take.

  2. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on The Born Loser about 22 hours ago

    Technically speaking, he would probably end up with the “other” problem. Apples contain pectin – which is one of the ingredients in products such as Pepto-Bismol. Usually, what doctors recommend for diarrhea is B.R.A.T – Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. So eating more than one apple per day would most likely leave you feeling like you h bricks in your stomach! Good idea NOT to have more than one banana or a whole lot of Rice at the same time!

  3. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Andy Capp 5 days ago

    Toad in the hole is a traditional British dish, consisting of sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter, usually served with vegetables and onion gravy. - During the 1940s, a wartime variation on the original used pieces of Spam in place of sausages. - The recipe itself is rather simple but requires some skill to cook perfectly. A pan is placed in the oven and heated for about 15 minutes while the batter is prepared. The sausages and batter are added and cooked for half an hour. With frozen sausages, the meat is placed in the dish while heated. It is normally accompanied by gravy (often onion gravy), vegetables and potatoes, often mashed. —

  4. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Mutt & Jeff 9 days ago

    Since the car has a crank on it – I would place this one somewhere between the 20s and 40s.

  5. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 21 days ago

    Re – joe piglet GoComics PRO Member said, about 3 hours ago

    May be we are going to get 80 days of this. Around the World in 80 Days.

    This would be good if Jack can keep it up.


    My sentiments exactly! It seems to me that the Around the World in 80 Days included stops in Paris and Africa and ended up making a trip across the Western United States via train. I seem to recall that, in the movie, there was some sort of attack on the train. I guess we’ll know if Oop and Alley end up in Turn-of-the-Century London! In the meantime, Mutt and Jeff are in 1946. VERY interesting!

  6. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 25 days ago

    Re – Gweedo – It’s legal here !!! – Murray GoComics PRO Member said, about 7 hours ago


    Beautiful story, Lois. And for that…


    Thank you for enlarging that picture. I am vision impaired and a computer novice to boot – so would never have been able to figure out how to do that!

    One of the places where my uncle served was in Germany – when they liberated the POW camps. One of the American G.I.‘s who was rescued from one camp ended up living in a town not far from where we lived and became good friends with my folks. One time, when my uncle visited my folks, the family friend and his family stopped by and immediately recognized my uncle as one of the G.I.’s who was there when his POW camp was liberated. It truly is a small world, in a lot of ways!

  7. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop 25 days ago

    It would be kind of interesting if TIIC end up with plans to keep the whole gang involved in another 1942 adventure. My photo – to the left – was taken in 1943. At my grandmother’s farm in Nebraska. One of my uncles – my mother’s brother – was home on furlough. He had actually volunteered for the Army BEFORE the U.S. officially entered World War II – and, because he had volunteered – he was one of the very earliest U.S. soldiers to be trained in the use of Radar. During the war, because of the top secret nature of Radar – he was not allowed to talk about what he was doing in the Army. FOLLOWING the War – he was not interested in talking about his war time experiences. However, because there were so few people trained in the use of Radar at that time – he saw action on a number of fronts, including France, Germany, India and in the Arabian Desert – where his unit fought against Rommel. My Dad was past military age and had been raising cattle for many years – so he was regarded as being involved in a necessary wartime occupation. We raised Brahman – because they are very tolerant of drought conditions – and sold the beef to the Army. During those days, we still “punched” cattle on horseback and would round up the cattle and drive them to the Army depot, where they would be sold to the Army. One of my Dad’s brothers was on a troop transport, headed to Pearl Harbor, when they received word of the bombing at Pearl Harbor, so that uncle ended up arriving in Pearl Harbor following the raid and was part of the clean-up crew. In the picture at the left, there is one of my uncles who was past military age and living near my grandmother, my grandmother, my uncle who was home on furlough, my mother – holding me – and my Dad. In front is a little girl who was a friend of the family and was visiting us when we headed out to visit with my uncle. No one had any telephones and gas was rationed, so we rode over to my grandmother’s place in our wagon, hitched to horses. When World War II broke out, many of my relatives were still using horses for a lot of their farm work. It would be great if Alley, Oola and the whole gang spent a little more time in 1942!

  8. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    In the meantime, Yahoo is a week or so ahead – but the order is all mixed up!

  9. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Re – SKJAM! GoComics PRO Member said, 26 minutes ago

    More likely the assistant walked over to the post office; it’s wartime, and they tried to save gas by having people pick up their own mail.


    ALSO – in 1942 – you could write to most people anywhere by just writing their names, the city and state where they lived and your letter would arrive in a day or two. I think it cost one cent for a post card – hence – a penny for your thoughts – and a letter cost either two cents or three cents to mail. We had cousins in Scott City, Kansas. They lived on a farm outside of town. We could put their names, Then Scott City, then Kansas and put a stamp on the envelope and the letter would arrive, safe and sound, a couple of days later. So the mail carrier at that time even knew the names of which kids lived at which farms on his route! In the town where we lived, my Dad had seven brothers, all of whom lived on nearby farms – so there were nine families with the same last name, once you included my grandparents, my Dad’s parents! So keeping the names of which kids lived at which farm was quite a trick – but something which the average mail carrier could do – without help of any type of machines!

  10. Lois GoComics Pro Member commented on Alley Oop about 1 month ago

    Re – Wiselad said, 33 minutes ago

    yahoo has goofed up, we can see most of the comics till june 7th, including this one


    Cool! Maybe Doc will land next to Alley and Oola and help them find their way home!