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  1. bunnyman09 commented on Lay Lines about 1 month ago

    Same thing happened to me. My dad was a quiet, hard working man. He served in Italy during WWII and was shot in the leg by a German soldier. I was a rebellious teenager and we didn’t always get along, but later in life we got to be really close friends.

  2. bunnyman09 commented on Unstrange Phenomena 3 months ago

    You can’t say Monongahela without mentioning its tributary, the Youghiogheny.

  3. bunnyman09 commented on Get Fuzzy 4 months ago

    No it means the GOP is much better at gerrymandering and stealing elections. That, and the complete stupidity and idiocy of their brainless supporters.

  4. bunnyman09 commented on Peanuts Begins 4 months ago

    Look at panel 4 and pretend the word “up” isn’t there.

  5. bunnyman09 commented on Garfield Minus Garfield 4 months ago

    Looks like he just copied Jon out of the middle panel and changed his facial expression.

  6. bunnyman09 commented on Get Fuzzy 4 months ago

    gee, you seem stupid.

  7. bunnyman09 commented on Lay Lines 5 months ago

    The greatest stroke of serendipity in the history of forever.

  8. bunnyman09 commented on Nancy Classics 8 months ago

    I grew up outside of Pittsburgh and the H.J. Heinz company had a big facility on the North Side. When they were making vinegar you could smell the acrid, nostril-tingling odor miles away.

  9. bunnyman09 commented on Nancy Classics 9 months ago

    Nancy’s packing some booty there. This is how the Kardashians started.

  10. bunnyman09 commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 9 months ago

    Betelgeuse can blow up any second, too, and it’s only 642 light years away.