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  1. bunnyman09 commented on Bloom County 1 day ago

    Are you gonna blame Obama because you’re a worthless brain dead piece of garbage, or can we blame your mother and father (assuming you even know who he is)? Conservatives are such ignorant, uneducated wastes of space.

  2. bunnyman09 commented on Peanuts Begins 19 days ago

    Brilliant! You win the Internet today.

  3. bunnyman09 commented on Herman 22 days ago

    Damn, she’s good.

  4. bunnyman09 commented on Get Fuzzy 22 days ago

    Don’t worry, Bucky… the stoners never remember to vote anyway.

  5. bunnyman09 commented on Bloom County 22 days ago

    Conservatives are so ignorant and uneducated. They make the whole world a dumber place.

  6. bunnyman09 commented on Herman 28 days ago

    What is that beast wearing?

  7. bunnyman09 commented on Bad Reporter about 1 month ago

    @David B
    Sorry you’re leaving Dave, you’ll be missed… said no one ever.

  8. bunnyman09 commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    Even for a conservative, you are really a fool. Stop copy-pasting Fox News transcripts here, although I’m sure you’re completely incapable of independent thought.

  9. bunnyman09 commented on Herman 2 months ago

    That face could stop a calendar. She’d make a freight train take a dirt road.

  10. bunnyman09 commented on Jim Benton Cartoons 3 months ago

    @Iron Headed Why don’t you leave the funny to the professionals because as a comedy writer, you really suck.