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  1. KSfarmgirl commented on Red and Rover about 1 month ago

    reminds me of our Great Danes Rip, Judge and Sheba

  2. KSfarmgirl commented on Non Sequitur 2 months ago

    I don’t have a problem with political or anything else on TV – I haven’t had a TV in over 20 years – don’t miss it at all. I do have a radio and occasionally listen to NPR if there is programming I enjoy. Otherwise I enjoy the sounds of Nature. Nice to live in a rural environment and away from the ‘people pollution’.

  3. KSfarmgirl commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 months ago

    TV didn’t exist until I was in HS. My family purchased their first TV when I started college the summer of 1954. My little brother watched Winkie Dink.

  4. KSfarmgirl commented on Calvin and Hobbes 6 months ago

    We had a crank phone- had to crank it once to get the operator. We gave her the name of the person we were calling and she connected us. We were on a party line and heard all the rings and could call someone just by cranking their number- 3 longs and a short or what ever their ring was. I was in Jr Hi when the dial system was installed.

  5. KSfarmgirl commented on Cul de Sac 7 months ago

    we used the empty waxed paper bread bags to make the slide slick- worked great especially on a sunny day! Plastic bags just don’t work.

  6. KSfarmgirl commented on The Duplex 7 months ago

    Is ‘people pollution’ eco friendly???

  7. KSfarmgirl commented on Red and Rover 9 months ago

    I remember seeing a B&W documentary about spaghetti- from planting trees to the harvest celebration. Don’t remember if it was a short with a movie or on TV. Sounded and looked very serious but was so funny.

  8. KSfarmgirl commented on Calvin and Hobbes 9 months ago

    I listened to Fibber McGee and Mollie with my Dad. Opening the closet was always a highlight. Radio programs were wonderful for the imagination. Jack Benny, Sky King, Sargent Preston and King, The Shadow, and the list goes on—

  9. KSfarmgirl commented on Cul de Sac 10 months ago

    I think we had brown before there was a choice. Then came black and then there were saddle shoes. About the early 1950s the boys had white bucks and used a ‘bunny’ bag of powder to cover the scuffs. Kept it in the hip pocket of their jeans- we liked to give it a slap. Then they had a white butt as well as bucks. I don’t remember when loafers became popular- I wore them in HS (1950-54).

  10. KSfarmgirl commented on Non Sequitur 10 months ago

    Personally- I prefer the original version to read (or tell) to my great-grand children.