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  1. fishbulb239 commented on Ink Pen 4 days ago

    That usually gets me to come running.

  2. fishbulb239 commented on Scary Gary 5 days ago

    Let’s see… dangerous chemicals, sinister machinery, mutant monstrosities… Well, a giant Kit Kat meets two of the three criteria. It’s a perfect fit for the lab!

  3. fishbulb239 commented on The Flying McCoys 15 days ago

    This reminds me of the reaction of slaughterhouse workers when animals survive the initial bolt in the skull and start thrashing as they’re being skinned alive on the assembly line. The animals’ reaction to pain often angers the workers rather than elicit their sympathy.

  4. fishbulb239 commented on Herman 18 days ago

    Two of my favorite shows. I can binge-watch either.

  5. fishbulb239 commented on In the Bleachers 18 days ago

    RGIII as an option quarterback – huge success, but he got injured. Conventional wisdom also said that an option quarterback could not have long-term success in the NFL, the evidence of RGIII’s rookie season to the contrary. The solution? Try to make him into something that he has never been – a pocket passer – even though many prototypical pocket passers (such as Ryan Leaf) were big busts. After 2 disastrous seasons, there’s little evidence to suggest that RGIII can succeed as a pocket passer and is no less accident-prone. Why then, not make another go at RGIII as an option quarterback? Worst-case scenario – either the Redskins continue to stink, or RGIII has a career-ending injury. Best-case scenario – he recaptures his rookie magic and they can tweak his game to reduce the risk of injury. Either way, the worst-case scenario is little worse than the do-nothing option – a horrific, lost team and a once-promising career cut short due to ineptitude.

  6. fishbulb239 commented on The Other Coast 19 days ago

    Put the AKC at the top of the blame list. They advocate on behalf of lengthy lists of aesthetic traits that each dog breed should have, and they do not care if those traits cause the dogs to have health problems or if “customary” surgical alterations, such as tail docking or ear cropping, cause the dogs to suffer.

  7. fishbulb239 commented on Brewster Rockit 20 days ago

    And use our turn signals properly.

  8. fishbulb239 commented on The Flying McCoys 28 days ago

    Don’t worry, sweetie. There’s no such thing as vacuum cleaners.

  9. fishbulb239 commented on Monty about 1 month ago

    Have you been to Phoenix? It still looks like ashes.

  10. fishbulb239 commented on Loose Parts about 1 month ago

    Would that be running to get out?