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  1. fishbulb239 commented on Scary Gary 4 days ago

    Wow, it turns out he was right!

  2. fishbulb239 commented on Overboard 5 days ago

    I was never a fan until I had some julienned and used in lieu of pasta. Now I rank it among my faves.

  3. fishbulb239 commented on Agnes 5 days ago

    Kawanga-roo-roo patooty doesn’t sound all that bad. Perhaps new spark plugs?

  4. fishbulb239 commented on That is Priceless 6 days ago

    Melissa, winner of the “Bad Naked” contest, 1997.

  5. fishbulb239 commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 12 days ago

    I’d be more worried that the Metro conductors would heed his call for ramming speed.

  6. fishbulb239 commented on Dilbert Classics 13 days ago

    Ninel’s comment is almost certainly partially true. The part that is almost certainly true is that modern agriculture is creating health hazards, the gravest of which is antibiotic-resistant microbes. Couple this with the petri dish that is the modern factory farm – unhealthy animals, packed tightly together, and standing ankle- to knee-deep in their own feces – and epidemics seem inevitable.

    However, the resultant public health crisis is most likely due to indifference on the part of the agriculture industry, not a deliberate effort on their part to make people sick so that they can sell the cure. (However, I would not at all be surprised if a company intentionally spread disease so that it could sell a cure.)

  7. fishbulb239 commented on Pearls Before Swine 13 days ago

    Yeah, a lot of people are getting injured in their hunt for the elusive Pokemon. At least with disco, everybody was stayin’ alive.

  8. fishbulb239 commented on Cul de Sac 13 days ago

    Or standing on an escalator instead of walking up or down it. Or taking the elevator instead of a few flights of stairs. Or driving to places that can easily be reached on foot, by biking, or by taking transit. Or using a powered lawnmower when a push reel lawnmower will suffice. Or a leaf blower when a rake will do. In other words, she’ll be like the vast, vast majority of other people.

  9. fishbulb239 commented on In the Bleachers 15 days ago

    I hope that nobody in the seats above those two decided to go commando today. (“Ball two!”)

  10. fishbulb239 commented on Matt Davies 16 days ago

    You’re being entirely unfair to Trump. It’s quite simple: if you disagree with something that he said, then he was being sarcastic. If you agree with what he said, then he’s telling it like it is. If he contradicts himself, it’s the liberal media’s fault. C’mon – keep up!

    Trump for Armageddon ’16!!!