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  1. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield about 16 hours ago

    If you realize it’s incredibly stupid, why are you going to say it?

  2. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield 4 days ago

    I’m not as enamored with Odie’s panting as you are, but I like him, no matter what.

  3. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield 6 days ago

    I enjoyed the humor of today’s strip, but I must say, I often find pleasure in little things also, so I would not make fun of Jon for that.

  4. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 6 days ago

    I agree. What does “Embrace it” even mean?

  5. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 8 days ago

    I like clara’s stunned expression in the last panel. Like she’s thinking “did I just hear my tent monitor say that dog was a kid?”

  6. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield 8 days ago

    How can that little bit of soil and grass support such a heavy cat?

  7. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield 12 days ago

    A little dumb, but made me laugh anyway.

    And by the way, I never text!

  8. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 16 days ago

    My attempts at swimming as a child was not good either anjumahmed. I took a class, but the teacher didn’t help me. As an adult, I saw a free swimming class, and took it. It had a good instructor and I quickly learned to swim.

  9. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 16 days ago

    I always liked the sidestroke because it seemed almost effortless. It seemed to gain the most distance with the least amount of energy. I now see that I was right. It’s used for long distance swimming and life saving.

  10. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 16 days ago

    Before I got my eyes lasered, I wore glasses in the water if I wanted to see anyone on shore.