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  1. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    Seems to me that’s the opposite of peculiar.

  2. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 7 days ago

    Yes, It’s amazing that Lucy APOLOGIZED!!! A once in a blue moon happening.

  3. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield 18 days ago

    My neighbor keeps her tree up all year, and I like it.

    Love seeing funny Odie again.

  4. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield about 1 month ago

    I collected leaves and types of wood when I was young. I still think they’re good hobbies, but my hobby for the last few decades has been edible gardening. Much more relaxing, as well as tasty.

  5. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 2 months ago


  6. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 2 months ago


  7. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield 2 months ago

    My take on today’s strip: The “I steal cheese” mouse is funny.

    Nermal (is that his name?) is not cute.

    Odie is cute, and also lovable. If he chewed Jon’s slippers, it wasn’t out of meanness like many of Garfield’s actions.

    The last panel is, of course, way over the top unbelievable, but if any creature did to me one-thousandth of the bad things Garfield has done to Jon, he would be gone.

  8. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield 2 months ago

    I agree that not letting us go home by ourselves is the most annoying part of the colonoscopy and many other procedures. If they are worried about getting sued, they should just have us sign a waver.

  9. IdahoSpud commented on Peanuts 3 months ago

    Yes, the mail box in the first panel and last panel are nothing alike.

  10. IdahoSpud commented on Garfield 3 months ago

    Is there anyone anywhere close to being as stupid as Jon?
    After many years of trying to get a girl, now he doesn’t know what to do with her?