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  1. ABQJeff commented on Nick Anderson 14 days ago

    It’s obviously the cumulative effect on the brain of toxins in the water supply…. but we don’t need the EPA with their job killing clean water rules.

  2. ABQJeff commented on Michael Ramirez 27 days ago

    Actually it was good old Goldman Sachs, free enterprise and vulture capitalism that brought down Greece…


    Heaven forbid we should ever effectively regulate Wall St.

  3. ABQJeff commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    The new normal, Democrats are further right than Nixon and Republicans are off the charts.

  4. ABQJeff commented on Nick Anderson about 1 month ago

    The real irony is that these people consider themselves American patriots. The CSA was a different nation. It was founded because they didn’t not want to be Americans anymore. So aren’t they really celebrating they’re anti-Americanism and rejection of our patriotic ideals?

  5. ABQJeff commented on Henry Payne about 1 month ago

    Sadly, this Progressive and Bernie fan thinks Henry finally got it right. (and he didn’t even have to bash Obama to do it.)

  6. ABQJeff commented on Clay Bennett about 1 month ago

    Is that an endorsement?

  7. ABQJeff commented on Strange Brew about 1 month ago

    That how Julianne Moore painted in The Big Lebowski – swinging naked from the ceiling!

  8. ABQJeff commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    Sounds more congressional than presidential. Bills are deliberately given obfuscatory titles to deceive the public – such as the “Clear Skies Act” that allowed MORE pollution – and there is practically no coverage of how our “representatives” vote on them.

  9. ABQJeff commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    Actually, the kleptocracy has ruled since 1980.

  10. ABQJeff commented on Prickly City about 1 month ago

    Poor Scott. Hates the Dems, hates the GOP. Not that I blame him… Looks like 2016 will be another choice of Dumb and Dumberer.