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  1. 3rdbike commented on Reynolds Unwrapped about 6 years ago

    I’m gonna wipe this one from memory…

  2. 3rdbike commented on Free Range about 6 years ago

    Mississippi State Highway Patrolman pulled a redneck over on a two lane highway down there. He walked up to the side of the car, leaned over and asked the redneck, “Got any ID?”

    That redneck looked up at him and said, “Bout whut?”

  3. 3rdbike commented on In the Bleachers about 6 years ago

    must be a minor league where it’s not too hard to get ahead!!

  4. 3rdbike commented on Chuckle Bros about 6 years ago

    How come the clouds don’t have those noses??

  5. 3rdbike commented on B.C. about 6 years ago

    Limping or using a cane to get up turtle’s shell would’ve helped the visual. Me, I use a cane. Bursitis isn’t very funny.

  6. 3rdbike commented on Real Life Adventures over 6 years ago

    Purty good ‘hang time’ on that burp…

  7. 3rdbike commented on Chuckle Bros over 6 years ago

    Well, he’s not being hassled by The Man out there!

  8. 3rdbike commented on Free Range over 6 years ago

    Stupid Neanderthal! Bringing a club to a spear fight!

  9. 3rdbike commented on Close to Home over 6 years ago

    How come she’s not wearing glasses?

  10. 3rdbike commented on Red Meat over 6 years ago

    Good ol’ ‘Too Much Information’ Dan!