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  1. jfromlrgo commented on Heart of the City almost 4 years ago

    Sheesh. Product placement in the Sunday toons.

  2. jfromlrgo commented on Pearls Before Swine almost 4 years ago

    Rat should check out the following:
    artless – beer is better than girls are


  3. jfromlrgo commented on Monty almost 4 years ago

    Well no wonder he couldn’t get a tan. The Suncoast is on the other side of the state!

  4. jfromlrgo commented on Monty almost 4 years ago


    Back when I was delivering furniture the company I worked for spent tens of thousands of dollars for a program from MS that would give us turn by turn directions to the customers houses. By the third day all us trashed them after we left the loading dock.

  5. jfromlrgo commented on Jerry Holbert almost 4 years ago

    Those guys are amateurs. Coleman and Lenny turned a fish tank into a bong. The fish were happy. ;)

  6. jfromlrgo commented on Tom the Dancing Bug almost 4 years ago

    F) Only if the caddy is stupid enough to declare the “full” amount to the IRS. When I delivered furniture I never got a tip as far as the IRS was concerned.