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  1. angelfiredragon commented on The Born Loser 1 day ago

    My dad always says getting old isn’t for the wimpy

  2. angelfiredragon commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    He has some common sense, oh my. We could use some good non college educated canidates with common sense. Seems these expensive college educated politicans run the country horribly.

  3. angelfiredragon commented on F Minus 1 day ago

    I’m not afraid of heights but I have a terrible fear of falling, especially the sudden stop at the end.

  4. angelfiredragon commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    I actually meant per month for cell phone, not year…but cell phone is fine, just don’t get texting or data and only use when needed. My brother does just that, they pre-pay and 200 minutes can last them a whole year for 50 dollars or so.

  5. angelfiredragon commented on The Born Loser 4 days ago

    his nose getting a temporary raise doesn’t count.

  6. angelfiredragon commented on Pickles 4 days ago

    well it can’t always keep getting better and better, somewhere the bubble has to pop and drop then things start climbing again.

    But its like the people who think a cell phone is the most important thing in their life, even if unemployed. I have to have a phone to find a job, blah blah…home phone, way cheaper in my area…$49.00 a year. Mobile phone cheapest plan $60 dollars a year. Its all about priorities I say.

  7. angelfiredragon commented on Peanuts 4 days ago

    don’t matter where they claim they stand, they all lie about it after they are elected. They only say they stand somewhere to get elected and change later, all of them do that, both parties.

    Vote for whoever doesn’t take a stand on positions I suppose, then at least they won’t be a liar.

  8. angelfiredragon commented on The Born Loser 4 days ago

    the way I see it there is plenty of supply but little to no demand, its because people will only accept love from where, what or who they want it from, not from anything else. Then on the other hand you have people who want love but they can’t find the right source they are looking for.

  9. angelfiredragon commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    ad’s are suppose to pay for websites to remain free, TV and more…but they go way over board for sure. Back in the 60’s most shows only ever had 10 mins of ad’s per hour, now days its 20 minutes.

    Try it on Netflix, watch a new show and it will have 40 or 41 mins or so of play time but go back and find a show in the 60’s and it will be 50 mins of play time.

  10. angelfiredragon commented on The Born Loser 5 days ago

    I’d say its the opposite, plenty of supply but lack of demand and people getting angry with feeling like love is being forced on them.