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  1. angelfiredragon commented on The Born Loser 4 days ago

    Best not to ask what food is, you may not like it after you find out what it is.

  2. angelfiredragon commented on Close to Home 8 days ago

    Shouldn’t he have two skate boards instead?

  3. angelfiredragon commented on B.C. 13 days ago

    I agree, if you want biased try CNN or the Huffington post, I don’t think there isn’t a single story that doesn’t blame the GOP.

    For real across the board information don’t stick with one source, check them all out. One’s personal opinions tend to biased some over others, but at least that way you get the bigger picture.

    I always find it ironic where I live that things like Gay rights is all over the liberal media but soon as religion is under attack, the media has nothing to say on the matter, as if they don’t want people to know about it.

  4. angelfiredragon commented on Close to Home 19 days ago

    Didn’t mute the smell fast enough

  5. angelfiredragon commented on Wizard of Id 21 days ago

    I’m in one of the whitest states in America and yet this state has voted a few minorities to send to Washington, most people here could care less what color someone is.

    Then go to the state level and there is quite a few minorities and they are representing all of us of any color, so it does not matter. We are all the human race and it matters not.

    I find culture is far more important than one’s skin color, culture of work or not work, leech or not leech off the government etc.

  6. angelfiredragon commented on Wizard of Id 21 days ago

    I agree, I found this comic highly racist.

  7. angelfiredragon commented on Wizard of Id 22 days ago

    I’ll vote socialist when the government outlaws employment, then when they take care of me, they will get my vote every last time. Otherwise I’m not going to be a fan of working and having it all taken away.

  8. angelfiredragon commented on The Born Loser 22 days ago

    Currently I am taxed at 51% of my income between all tax sources, now you can see why I highly oppose any party raising taxes at all. Although I will say the Democratic party really would rather raise taxes than cut spending. Just imagine what I could do to help stimulate the economy if I had even 20% more of my income to buy products that create jobs? If the socialistic Democratic party of America (endorsed by the communist party) had their way it would be pay 100% to the government and they’ll take care of us.

  9. angelfiredragon commented on The Born Loser 25 days ago

    If a holiday is not a day off from work, its not really a holiday because nobody has time to celebrate it.

  10. angelfiredragon commented on Wizard of Id 29 days ago

    I’ll call B.S. here but let me explain why and you’ll understand…the ACA did make my healthcare costs go up, way up.

    in 2009 and prior my company paid 100% of the premiums soon as the ACA passed they decided to move some costs to the employees. Since then they have been slowly moving to the 9.5% maximum of income fully expecting all other companies to do the same.

    Thus where all I had before was a 500 dollar deductible and 15 dollar co-pays and a 4,000 dollar out of pocket max, I know pay about 5500 a year in premiums with a 4000 dollar deductible and a 6000 out of pocket max.

    So do please tell me how the ACA did not cause this? My company has already stated that had the ACA NOT passed they would have continued the status quo, because that was a incentive to get good qualified people here, by having better benefits than anyone else.

    As you can see this drastically increased cost for me is a direct result of the ACA passing.