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  1. ajr58 commented on Nancy 11 months ago

    I thought it was that America doesn’t let one group force its religion on others, in school

  2. ajr58 commented on Frank & Ernest about 1 year ago

    Although if it were Palin, it’d be Concord, N.H.

  3. ajr58 commented on Dog Eat Doug about 1 year ago

    It must be the Green Monstah.

  4. ajr58 commented on Tank McNamara about 1 year ago

    I’ll frolic with her if he doesn’t want to

  5. ajr58 commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 year ago

    “Oh Hell No” was in the title. Is that a character’s response to more sharks, or the public’s response to another Sharknado movie? Sophie in Dog Eat Dog had it right – the SciFi channel is run by lobotomized cats. And yes, I know they changed there brand but I reject their reality and substitute my own.

  6. ajr58 commented on Bloom County about 1 year ago

    Dude – he did. See yesterday’s responses.

  7. ajr58 commented on Freshly Squeezed over 1 year ago

    I can hardly wait to see ExoticDoc’s comment ….

  8. ajr58 commented on Bloom County over 1 year ago


  9. ajr58 commented on Prickly City over 1 year ago

    Can’t you mine Trump for humor? God knows there is a lot more there.

  10. ajr58 commented on Rudy Park over 1 year ago

    At least the line ends with him – he’ll never reproduce