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  1. Rightwingmoron commented on Endtown 2 days ago

    I as reminded of Sam Lowry at the end of Brazil. Holly get’s too live out her life in a beautiful delusion, rather then continue to suffer the painful reality of the world she lives in.

  2. Rightwingmoron commented on Buni 6 days ago

    Yes! Feel the anger! Let it sink within you that there are millions of your fellow Americans who don’t think like you do! Muah-ha-ha-ha!

  3. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    Apparently Tracy noticed moonshine being made there, because he said to have the still blown up.

  4. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy 17 days ago

    On the subject of “Lil’ Abner”, why won’t GoComics run the entire strip, instead of just a few stories, which they repeat.

  5. Rightwingmoron commented on The Buckets 18 days ago

    You must you find Angela Merkle such a hottie, that Melania just isn’t anywhere near as attractive to Trump. I know that when it comes to welcoming Syrian refugee’s entering your country, there is absolutely no difference between Merkle and Trump.

  6. Rightwingmoron commented on Wizard of Id 19 days ago

    But man is the only cause for climate change! look how the proliferation of sailing ships disrupted the wind currents and caused the year without summer in 1816! Oh sure, big shipping want you to believe it was caused by volcanos, but if there weren’t any sailing vessels it could never have happened!

  7. Rightwingmoron commented on Li'l Abner 20 days ago

    Is go comics having a problem with the Al Capp estate? I have no idea why they would only have a few of the Lil Abner strips. What a wasted opportunity to view the series from the beginning, and see how it changed over the years, as well as becoming reacquainted with many of the characters which became such a part of many americans lives.

  8. Rightwingmoron commented on Pearls Before Swine 20 days ago

    To do a pun for transexual, he’d have to have a Transformer toy, and have one of his characters do unspeakable things to it.

  9. Rightwingmoron commented on Scary Gary 20 days ago

    After being a stick in the mud, Gary looks like he’s ready to become a real swinger.

  10. Rightwingmoron commented on Endtown 21 days ago

    The biggest problem with polygamy is multiple mother-in-laws.