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  1. Rightwingmoron commented on Buni about 17 hours ago

    Well no wonder the car crashed, it doesn’t have a steering wheel.

  2. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy about 18 hours ago

    It does my heart good to know that there are some readers who are willing to share with us that if there isn’t an explosion in the strip every day, then the strip is going to cause them to nod off, and we wouldn’t want that! That .00001 percent of the readership may be forced into an early nappy time because they’re bored reading the strip, is a crisis of epic proportions that should be addressed. Maybe it’s time a new strip could be created featuring Bomb (the black bird from “The Angry Birds Movie”) so that there could be an explosion every day just for them.

  3. Rightwingmoron commented on Ozy and Millie 1 day ago

    Dana Simpson’s web page for this strip says she started drawing Ozy and Millie in 1990, and did it for over 10 years. So that means sometime after 2010, she stopped doing this strip, and they are rerunning the older strips. I’m wondering if this may have been the last strip, and they just haven’t started a new rotation.

  4. Rightwingmoron commented on Scary Gary 4 days ago

    This is how you play hangman.

  5. Rightwingmoron commented on Scary Gary 8 days ago

    So is Scary Garry now a defunct strip?

  6. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy 8 days ago

    @I think everybody knows who….Because noticing the way Chief Patton was holding the paper, and then saying why it was wrong, doesn’t at all represent someone who has too much time on their hands.

  7. Rightwingmoron commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 9 days ago

    And yet Phoebe’s parents can see her Unicorn, so that’s not the case here.

  8. Rightwingmoron commented on Lio 9 days ago

    I’m also thinking “Hugo” from “Dead of Night”(1945)

  9. Rightwingmoron commented on Scary Gary 9 days ago

    Leo is a real humanitarian.

  10. Rightwingmoron commented on Lio 11 days ago

    I’ve never understood the hate some people have for Family Circus, or for that matter the passion of someone emotionally involved in the strip. It just always struck me as a nice family friendly strip. I did enjoy today’s strip, howeve