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  1. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy about 11 hours ago

    What several readers are suggesting is Diet Smith should be arrested, because the people who attempted to steal the Space Coupe, who took great care to make sure nobody caught them sneaking aboard, may have come to harm. Rather than Dick Tracy, a better candidate for investigating whether anyone is aboard the Space Coupe would O-dor of Uranus (a character in the “Brewster Rockit” strip), since he has the ability to travel through space, which Tracy does not.

  2. Rightwingmoron commented on Endtown about 13 hours ago

    That would be Charles Earl Bowles (b. 1829; d.after 1888), better known as Black Bart.

  3. Rightwingmoron commented on Brewster Rockit about 14 hours ago

    Uh oh, somebody has attacked your belief in the great nothing! How dare anybody even consider that a well organized and structured Universe could possibly come from anything but a meaningless void? the next lie these religious fanatics will try to force on us is that our lives may actually have any kind of meaning.

  4. Rightwingmoron commented on Santa vs. Dracula about 14 hours ago

    On the other hand, I like this version of Dracula a lot more than the Barnabas played by Johnny Depp, or the Dracula from the movie “Van Helsing”.

  5. Rightwingmoron commented on Endtown 1 day ago

    That would make sense, because Wednesday is Hump-day after all.

  6. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy 1 day ago

    Count me among those who don’t understand where Diet Smith committed a crime. If you sent a car to a crusher, and someone sneaked into the car after it had been checked for being empty (but before it was picked up by the huge electric magnet), how would the people who ran the auto wrecking yard be responsible for anyone who may have died in that vehicle? The parties on board sneaked on board the space coupe to steal it. They never notified Diet Smith about their plans to steal the coupe, and that they would be on board. Meanwhile, how exactly would Tracy have investigated whether or not there was anybody on board the Space Coupe, when the Space Coupe is so far away from earth? Tracy may have had his suspicions, but there was no way he could confirm or deny them. That Diet Smith is now letting Tracy know he has reasons to believe that there may have been stowaways on board the Space Coupe without his knowledge, tells me he is actually doing the right thing by Tracy.

  7. Rightwingmoron commented on Brewster Rockit 4 days ago

    Has Pam been drinking? She looks pixilated.

  8. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Actually, I don’t hate the character, and with some changes, he has potential. Being zapped by an electrical charge, for example, might really help with an attitude adjustment. One thing I do like about Vera going after Mysta, is it appears he is over Sparkle, and is ready to move on. I do wonder if he was aware that this isn’t Moonmaid, but a person who was made to represent Monmaid, if he would have been so forward.

  9. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    He should have suggested his comic was “Calvin and Hobbes”. Worked for Pastis in “Pearls before Swine”.

  10. Rightwingmoron commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    It’s interesting to me how both Mysta and Vera have defenders among the Tracy readers here on Go Comics. It might be interesting to see if these two eventually fall for each other. In a lot of popular romantic comedies, you have the woman who first dislikes the guy, and then the guy makes some changes, and they end up together. .