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  1. saifrc commented on FoxTrot about 4 years ago

    Oh, please. Do you feel the same way about film and theatre? The writing and acting in many of today’s greatest TV shows (like “Mad Men” or “Breaking Bad”) approach the best that the stage has to offer, and the photography/cinematography rival that of film. Perhaps you should rent the DVDs of one of today’s hit shows from your local library (thereby avoiding the “dollars” part of your objection) and see how many “hours” you end up choosing to commit. You may end up spending a similar amount of time dedicated to a series as you would to a classic novel, and be getting a similar level or entertainment and enlightenment—but a drastically different overall experience, one which expands your horizons.

  2. saifrc commented on FoxTrot almost 7 years ago

    I’m a bit surprised that so many people who are commenting on a website are also unfamiliar with texting abbreviations, or the “less than three” representation of the heart symbol! That seems a little incongruous to me. Then again, this is a website dedicated to the online version of traditional print comic strips…I’ve been reading FoxTrot since it started, but I was younger than Jason at the time. (And looked up to him!)

    @zerotsm: Texting is great when you don’t want to deal with the inefficiencies of talking to someone on the phone in real time: waiting for the other party to respond, intros/goodbyes, having to focus, etc. Texting is superior when you don’t want to have the conversation in the first place, or if it would introduce more social overhead to really talk. I love talking to people in person, but I hate talking on the phone – I’d much rather text instead. I do agree, however, that it’s unfair that we’re charged for something that essentially costs nothing to provide.