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  1. Montana Lady commented on Citizen Dog about 12 hours ago

    WooHoo! Great photo, StelBel.
    Soooooo…….did you check the locals for belly buttons?

  2. Montana Lady commented on Adam@Home about 12 hours ago

    I, too, don’t like gory movies………….no reason for all that gore!

    A good mystery, yup!

  3. Montana Lady commented on Big Top about 12 hours ago

    Katie has Hood-Winked Wink……

    I love Teddy Bears……:))

  4. Montana Lady commented on Birdbrains about 12 hours ago

    Mirror, Mirror……………and her name is Lori………
    Hi, Lori……

    There’s a new meaning for the term: Hand Puppet!!!

  5. Montana Lady commented on Benitin y Eneas about 12 hours ago

    Good Afternoon, Vagabonds,

    Went to town, especially to get some Apple Batter Bread from the Great Harvest Bakery. They make just about everything from whole wheat and grains, even their cinnamon rolls! This apple bread has big chunks of apple, and a great cinnamon topping. A real treat. Jan, they say they have one in Henderson. Each store across the country has their own schedule of which day they make what……

    We’re getting rain this afternoon. HooRay!

    Also, Jan, one of our daughter’s cats had that urine thing, and her vet put her on a special diet that stopped it. I think it was an IAM’s brand.

  6. Montana Lady commented on Benitin y Eneas 1 day ago

    Oh, and don’t forget special recognition goes to Van Johnson. He was 4F due to a plate in his head from some sort of accident. So, he spent his war years making one war movie after another in tribute to his fellow actors in arms.

  7. Montana Lady commented on The Barn 1 day ago

    Just don’t call me “Shirley”!

  8. Montana Lady commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 1 day ago

    Love the look on Chicken’s face in the last panel.
    Very funny!

  9. Montana Lady commented on Citizen Dog 1 day ago

    Happy Monday, Everyone!

    Well, the tree did stop them………………..what more can they ask?

  10. Montana Lady commented on Cleo and Company 1 day ago

    I can hardly wait for the Monday Mundane’s!!!!!!!!!!
    I love to GGRRRROOOOAAANNNN first thing Monday Morning!

    Thanks, Nighthawks!!!!