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Rose is Rose by Don Wimmer and Pat Brady

Rose is Rose

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  1. batterd_citizen commented on Rose is Rose 8 months ago

    Southern New England…for starters.

  2. batterd_citizen commented on Broom Hilda 9 months ago

    and not hardly is she supercalifradgilisticexpialadotious.

  3. batterd_citizen commented on Red and Rover 10 months ago

    60 yrs ago—when i was Red’s age-my mother would use heavy cream (which is used to make whipped cream) as a substitute for the milk. she would patiently stir it in the pan, until it came to a near boil. i can still taste that cup of chocolate heaven. enjoy Red and Rover…

  4. batterd_citizen commented on Wizard of Id 10 months ago

    i find. that if i get better batteries..they last much longer then the cheapies..also—if you are not going to use the mouse for a spell..shut it off..that saves the batteries also.

  5. batterd_citizen commented on Calvin and Hobbes 10 months ago

    my cousin’s birthday….say you won’t Calvin

  6. batterd_citizen commented on Pickles 10 months ago

    you are an idiot…

  7. batterd_citizen commented on Pickles 10 months ago

    i never once used the race card..i was just saying -that it crossed the line on being funny-when Earl rejected to meet anyone.
    ‘anyone who doesn’t like that—can “unfriend me”..go smoke that!

  8. batterd_citizen commented on The Buckets 10 months ago

    our nativity set—dates back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. the "broken " pieces are cherished and are placed first when set is placed out on Advent 1.
    we wouldn’t have it any other way either.
    it embraces over 100 yrs of our family celebrating Christmas.

  9. batterd_citizen commented on Gasoline Alley 10 months ago

    i miss the elves named-Harcourt, CoCo and Joe.

  10. batterd_citizen commented on Gasoline Alley 11 months ago

    this guy was also “Freddy Philmore” on “I Love Lucy”..
    and he was a doozie then too…