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Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson

Cul de Sac

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  1. gerald.dufresne commented on Lisa Benson almost 4 years ago

    At least they won’t be waterboarded! So… that’s a load off.

  2. gerald.dufresne commented on Lisa Benson almost 4 years ago

    I am pro-choice, but I’ve seriously been debating in my interior monologue the past month whether this societal and gov’t-approved/funded concept of easily throwing away human life that’s inconvenient in some part, big or small, brings about the thoughts that inspired Newtown, Columbine, etc….

  3. gerald.dufresne commented on Red and Rover almost 4 years ago

    Last year, I took some wire snips to the “prestrung” lights on our artificial tree because three sections had burnt out (two years after we bought the tree! Made in China piece of … hey hey!). I tried replacing fuse. No joy. So, ~ three hours of snipping later we had an unstrung artificial tree.

  4. gerald.dufresne commented on Cul de Sac almost 4 years ago

    Why does that baby have the hairline of a 60-year-old balding man?

  5. gerald.dufresne commented on Cul de Sac almost 4 years ago

    It’s the sort of hat Madonna wears as a bra/upper-outer-garment.

  6. gerald.dufresne commented on Wizard of Id about 4 years ago

    Chemical weapons are WMD, no?


    And yet, did this make the nightly news? NOPE.

  7. gerald.dufresne commented on Jerry Holbert about 4 years ago

    It would be nice if the media had spent as much time on the Libya embassy attack as they’ve devoted to who schtoopted who.

    Perhaps if Ambassador Chris Stevens had taken a shirtless photo of himself in the bathroom mirror before he was killed by terrorists, there would be a firestorm of calls for a serious investigation.

    This entire thing reeks of an administration that doesn’t want anyone knowing what really happened, and for the average American to get lost in / distracted from the story amid a peripheral tawdry sex scandal.

  8. gerald.dufresne commented on Michael Ramirez about 4 years ago

    @C Downs: Corporations are not people. OK.

    What are unions, then?

  9. gerald.dufresne commented on Peanuts about 4 years ago

    Shouldn’t she have said, “We psychotics…”?

  10. gerald.dufresne commented on Cul de Sac about 4 years ago

    Peter was just simulating naptime… honestly!!