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  1. iangoodson commented on Dark Side of the Horse 10 days ago

    Most effective Brexit policy so far!

  2. iangoodson commented on B.C. 12 days ago

    I’m missing this completely. An aubergine and a smiling – I hesitate to ask?

  3. iangoodson commented on Unstrange Phenomena 13 days ago

    Please don’t tell the EU. We really want to Brexit.

  4. iangoodson commented on Darrin Bell 18 days ago

    You’re confusing numbers with race. It’s not about race. The Black and Asian Commonwealth can’t get in so easily, but the white europeans can. Secondly, the left really, really want it to be about race so they can ignore it. The right to govern ourselves includes a great many freedoms that are being lost to the EU. FOr ecample, the European Arrest Warrant drives a coach and horses through habeas corpus, presumption of innocence, no arrest without charge and there are already documented instances. Our laws are now subject to European laws.

  5. iangoodson commented on Jen Sorensen 19 days ago

    July 4 and Brexit, the same thing only with better reasons and no guns.

  6. iangoodson commented on Fred Basset 20 days ago

    No, from the United Kindom (Scotland was already in). Yup – you were secessionists from the Union. But now that we want Independence from the EU, you guys are telling us that we are wrong?

  7. iangoodson commented on Dark Side of the Horse 20 days ago

    He’s lucky it’s not Halliburton. They’d deny everything and get a bummer to shake down the British. Then again maybe he’d get a payout.

  8. iangoodson commented on Reality Check 21 days ago

    R.C as they say in the Black Country (Orr see).

  9. iangoodson commented on Darrin Bell 30 days ago

    You have got it so wrong Mr. Bell. We voted for the right to govern ourselves and not be governed by Brussels. Sound familiar? It should June 23rd is now our Independence Day. The European Union is not the EUSA it’s more the EUSSR.

  10. iangoodson commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken about 1 month ago

    Strategery?! Strategy