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  1. iangoodson commented on Matt Davies about 2 hours ago

    We don’t have enough room. How about those wide open American spaces? Thought not!

  2. iangoodson commented on Wizard of Id Classics about 21 hours ago

    It was ever thus.

  3. iangoodson commented on Darrin Bell about 21 hours ago

    Declining birth rate, aging population, increasing abortion rate… not connected?

    Refugees or economic migrants? Money heading south but we have to care for them.

    Do I want my old age to be in an alien culture all without leaving my home? People who hate parliamentary democracy, Christianity, don’t believe in any form of tolerance…?

    This is not a solution. This an invasion.

  4. iangoodson commented on Unstrange Phenomena 3 days ago

    The factual basis of the horns was probably a crown he was given by priests in Egypt. Possibly shaped like a ram’s horns or the rays of the sun – golden spikes.

  5. iangoodson commented on (th)ink 6 days ago

    I was pointing out that the statement is too loosely worded and capable of philnuffer’s interpretation. It may not be what he meant, but it is what he said. The words haven’t been twisted; they just lacked precision.

  6. iangoodson commented on Unstrange Phenomena 6 days ago

    Alexander the Great is reputed to have had horns. All the countries he invaded to the East say so.

  7. iangoodson commented on (th)ink 9 days ago

    Apparently, but maybe he hadn’t thought of that. No-one is perfect.

  8. iangoodson commented on Dark Side of the Horse 10 days ago

    Unlike many deluded people, Horace will not believe that 12 stars(EU) is a good thing.

  9. iangoodson commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 10 days ago

    The whole series is a re-run, for those of us who missed the beginning. When it gets familiar, you’ve caught up with yourself.

  10. iangoodson commented on Graffiti 11 days ago

    They can and they do. Don’t they Shaz, Kaz, Gazza, et al?