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  1. Heidi Tentee commented on The Norm Classics about 1 month ago

    …and does goat’s milk ever sour?

  2. Heidi Tentee commented on Li'l Abner 3 months ago

    I wonder if there are any cartoonists today with the courage to mock our current King.

  3. Heidi Tentee commented on Doonesbury 3 months ago

    Curse our American trait of feeling responsible. Should we really feel guilty that if maybe we didn’t take every opportunity to insult our friends and embolden our enemies, Russia might have left the Ukraine alone, Hamas might not feel so bold about attacking Israel and ISIS might not exist.

  4. Heidi Tentee commented on Last Kiss 3 months ago

    How I miss her, how I miss her, how I miss my Clementine.
    ’till I kissed her little sister then forgot my Clementine.

  5. Heidi Tentee commented on Bloom County 5 months ago

    I cannot remember the last time a politician admitted to being a liberal. Progressive is what they call themselves now, and there are both elephant and donkey progressives. Pity any who disagree with them.

  6. Heidi Tentee commented on The Argyle Sweater 5 months ago

    My favorite cooking show


  7. Heidi Tentee commented on Lio 6 months ago

    If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan.

  8. Heidi Tentee commented on Luann 8 months ago

    Actually, my favorite Randy Newman song is “Short People”

  9. Heidi Tentee commented on Frazz 10 months ago

    “God created March lest eternity should prove to be too short.”
    PF McManus

  10. Heidi Tentee commented on FoxTrot 10 months ago

    If John Browdie could do the same thing with Smike and fool the schoolmeister, why not?