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  1. NeilShapiro commented on Stone Soup about 1 year ago

    As always Jan Eliot delivers a comic that goes past the page and touches us in our very hearts!

  2. NeilShapiro commented on Gasoline Alley almost 2 years ago

    43 years ago my wife and I purchased our wedding rings, in the shopping mall, from a jewelry store named Unique Boutique! The owner retired around five years back. It IS a good name! And the rings seem to have worked.

  3. NeilShapiro commented on Cul de Sac about 2 years ago

    Maybe they just wanted to up the number of comments for today???

  4. NeilShapiro commented on Gasoline Alley about 2 years ago

    Whether or not you believe in God (I personally will wait to meet him to decide for absolute sure) there is no doubt as to the power of prayer. There is something called The Mind Body Connection which sincere prayer does seem to access and to use. Whether it is a Supreme Deity healing the body or the body itself doing the deed from the power of the Mind and the impetus of Belief makes no difference to the resulting health. I don’t care what your Philosophy of Religion might be — this was an excellent series!

  5. NeilShapiro commented on Poptropica over 2 years ago

    I am new to this artist but it is an intriguing strip debut. The characterization and draftsmanship is very impressive for a just-begun strip. I seldom add brand-new strips to my mix but have with this one. It looks to be a great deal of fun is just beginning!

  6. NeilShapiro commented on Gasoline Alley over 2 years ago

    The envelope in the last panel says “V AHIL” and under that are the morse code letters "S’ and “T.” Wonder if that could have any meaning?

  7. NeilShapiro commented on Gasoline Alley over 2 years ago

    Well, I’m not sure how gullible the crowd is — after all, Walt is older than anyone I have ever heard of in real life!

  8. NeilShapiro commented on Gasoline Alley about 3 years ago

    I really have loved GA for decades. But it seems to me that Slim is getting stupider and stupider as time progresses! This level of stupid is just not believable and believable characters is what’s always set GA apart.

  9. NeilShapiro commented on Gasoline Alley over 3 years ago

    I am afraid we may be seeing the passing of Walt here. The comment about waking up seems to be setting the stage for a dream sequence passing. I would imagine a reunion with Phyllis is in store when he gets to the Old Comics Home. I am already tearing up about it.

  10. NeilShapiro commented on Gasoline Alley over 6 years ago

    Well, I think Gertie’s mistake may prove to be one of the best circumstances in this developing story. Keep in mind Walt’s age. I don’t care what he is going into the hospital for – I do not think he will ever come out. Now, after Gertie’s mistake, his entire family will be by his side, assembled together in love and mutual faith, to help ease his passing and our own grief. I think we will be gathered here in a week or two thanking heaven for Gertie’s poor hearing.