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Dick Tracy by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis

Dick Tracy

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  1. tcreole commented on Heart of the City almost 2 years ago

    I’m thinking “Old Habits Die Hard” would make an AWESOME installment of the “Die Hard” franchise. John McLaine has to go undercover as a nun at a convent laundry while investigating a criminal ring smuggling religious artifacts into the country. Bonus cameo: Harrison Ford, as Indiana Jones, and McLaine cross paths in the illicit warehouse. “I’m here for the Ark.” “I dunno, big guy, that thing doesn’t look big enough to hold two of every animal.”

  2. tcreole commented on Doonesbury almost 2 years ago

    “Yeah, man, I really should have listened to that Walter White guy down the road when I was setting up my meth lab in the barn.”

  3. tcreole commented on The Norm Classics almost 2 years ago

    A FedEx generator would cost less and get there faster.

  4. tcreole commented on The Norm Classics almost 2 years ago

    Wow, are these strips really fifteen years old?

  5. tcreole commented on Luann almost 2 years ago

    Look! it’s a lazy cartoonist!

    (coming up tomorrow, a six-strip story arc where the DeGroots’ house has a power outage and they sit around in the dark talking.)

  6. tcreole commented on Dick Tracy almost 2 years ago

    my daughter was born just days after xmas. we decided to have small family celebrations on her actual birthday and hold her big party on her half-birthday in June. it’s been working out fine.

  7. tcreole commented on Herb and Jamaal almost 2 years ago

    On the other hand, hands in pockets = $0.

    Advantage: Jamaal!

  8. tcreole commented on One Big Happy about 2 years ago

    Makes sense to me …

  9. tcreole commented on The Norm Classics about 2 years ago

    Yeah, if all he can think of to do is look in the NEWSPAPER? shakes head

  10. tcreole commented on Heart of the City about 2 years ago

    I see a tenement fire in our immediate future, actually.