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  1. Gypsy8 commented on Dana Summers about 8 hours ago

    Quality, with minimal civilian death and destruction, is more important than quantity. Punching holes in the desert may look impressive on the count sheet but doesn’t advance the cause. Civilian deaths are counterproductive, not to mention reprehensible.
    (If bombing must be done, its good to see some U.S. restraint. Remember that WW2 observation of U.S. unrestrained bombing in advance of ground troops: “When the Germans flew over, the British ducked; when the British flew over, the Germans ducked; when the Americans flew over, everyone ducked.”)

  2. Gypsy8 commented on Dana Summers about 8 hours ago

    The U.S. recently took out 283 ISIS oil trucks and a week before 116 tankers.

  3. Gypsy8 commented on Glenn McCoy about 8 hours ago

    Presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson was quick to condemn Obama for being weak and pardoning the Turkey: “Those commie Ruskies were clearly invading Turkey’s territory and Turkey had every right to shoot them down.”

  4. Gypsy8 commented on Steve Benson about 8 hours ago

    Trump MUST become the Republican candidate. Political entertainment demands it. Trump vs. Hillary in a high stakes winner take all. Pop the corn, open a beer and watch the fun. Hillary will hand him his ass and the trophy will be displayed alongside star Republican prosecutor and Hillary-killer Trey Gowdy. Hillary will win because she is smarter, more qualified, and has a better platform.

  5. Gypsy8 commented on Dana Summers about 9 hours ago

    If U.S. military air strikes are not working against ISIS, why are Russia and France following that lead?

  6. Gypsy8 commented on Steve Kelley about 9 hours ago

    Putin is late to the party. Obama is way ahead.

  7. Gypsy8 commented on Bob Gorrell about 9 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for the enemy in WW2 to be properly named: Christian Nazis, Christian Fascists, and Imperial Shintoists. Unless they are properly labelled, they cannot really be defeated.

  8. Gypsy8 commented on Chip Bok about 9 hours ago

    Republicans were quick to condemn Obama for pardoning the turkey. “This is unprecedented abuse of presidential privilege; it is unconstitutional; the American people don’t want turkeys pardoned, they want them for dinner. The American people demand we fight to repeal and replace this terrible presidential overreach.”

  9. Gypsy8 commented on Robert Ariail about 16 hours ago

    Granted that’s a negative because it probably does escalate the creation of more jihadists. But the Republicans are whole heartedly in favor of drones, and I fear would be less restrained in their use.

  10. Gypsy8 commented on Robert Ariail about 23 hours ago

    ^Canadian with close U.S. family ties, which is why I’m concerned with what goes on in the U.S.