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  1. jfmcenanly commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 12 days ago

    It sounds like an on-line version of the Diogenes Club, where Mycroft Holmes went to be alone with others.

  2. jfmcenanly commented on MythTickle about 1 month ago

    I suppose that someday they might an animal that takes joy in the fact that is meant to be eaten

  3. jfmcenanly commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    A lot of nursery rhymes sound like something out of George R.R. Martin when you think about them.‘Little Jack Horner’ deals with the theft of a deed to a manor, while ‘Ring around the roses’ deals the the Black Plague.

  4. jfmcenanly commented on Henry Payne about 1 month ago

    the back of the bus would be an improvement for many Saudi women, for it would mean getting out of the house on their own.

  5. jfmcenanly commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy about 1 month ago

    It took me a bit to recognize Jack Nicholson and Chief Dan George.

  6. jfmcenanly commented on Francis about 1 month ago

    This reminds me of an story told by Pope John XXIII. He said that there were ties late at night, he would think of a problem and then think, ‘Someone should tell the Pope’, then it would dawn on him that he was the pope.

  7. jfmcenanly commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 2 months ago

    You use the claws to convince someone without claws to build it for you. How do you think the Daleks built their empire with only a suction cup and a gun?

  8. jfmcenanly commented on Working Daze 2 months ago

    I like the way he thinks

  9. jfmcenanly commented on Break of Day 4 months ago

    He looks like he could do it from the kitchen.

  10. jfmcenanly commented on FoxTrot Classics 4 months ago

    A lot of the crew and cast went on to work on Star Wars. Many of the villains in the Star Wars movies, including Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and David Prowse also worked on Space:1999.