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  1. MexicanCommunist commented on ViewsAsia about 8 years ago

    of course, how could we have not seen this?

  2. MexicanCommunist commented on Glenn McCoy about 8 years ago

    By the way, did anyoe notice the way McCain was blinking? GOOD GOD

    He looked like he had a fly in his eyes! gotta wonder what was going through his mind…

  3. MexicanCommunist commented on ViewsLatinAmerica about 8 years ago

    Right on, Stew! That editorialist should be apologizing for his bethren’s actions! Hey, it’s not like he’s not dependant on some immigrant to survive, after all, those mexdogs are all the same! right, tories?

  4. MexicanCommunist commented on Signe Wilkinson about 8 years ago

    Not nesessairly,for example, Castro is a commie, but he kind of fucked Cuba up with his balant fascism.

  5. MexicanCommunist commented on Joel Pett about 8 years ago

    No, I personally believe America is wasting its time and money fighting misguided teenagers who would actually TIE A BOMB TO THEIR BODIES and then BLOW THEMSELVES UP so that you don’t get near their teofascist teachers.

    What’s your answer to that?

  6. MexicanCommunist commented on Pat Oliphant about 8 years ago

    You tell ‘em, regulation!

  7. MexicanCommunist commented on ViewsLatinAmerica about 8 years ago

    I like it, I think I’ll start buying that newspaper.

  8. MexicanCommunist commented on Scott Stantis about 8 years ago

    Boo!! He’s gonna eat you!! run!!

  9. MexicanCommunist commented on Mike Luckovich about 8 years ago


  10. MexicanCommunist commented on Matt Davies about 8 years ago

    jeez, bob, are you THAT scared of talking about race? You seem like a smart guy, you must know that there are quite a load of americans who would rather the world be white, christian and straight. There’s no denying that it is your country, but you might wanna change that part where you aknowledge a human being’s unalienable right to pursue happiness if you don’t wan’t “Illegal Aliens” coming on to your land.

    Besides, “Illegal Aliens”? What is this, East Berlin?