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  1. lohaces commented on Starslip 23 days ago

    “Fooly-fools”…so that is how the English language progresses in 10,000 years…

  2. lohaces commented on Lio 23 days ago

    “Well you’re a real tough cookie with a long history
    Of breaking little teeth like the ones in me…”—Pat Benatar (sort of)

  3. lohaces commented on Garfield 2 months ago

    “What the world needs now is more cat hair
    It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
    What the world needs now is more cat hair
    No not just for some but for everyone…”

  4. lohaces commented on Get Fuzzy 2 months ago

    “What a fool believes…”—The Doobie Brothers

  5. lohaces commented on Monty 3 months ago


  6. lohaces commented on Over the Hedge 3 months ago


  7. lohaces commented on WuMo 6 months ago

    It’s the wheel of fortuneIt’s the leap of faithIt’s the band of hope

  8. lohaces commented on WuMo 7 months ago

    “There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found”…but not enough for legs.

  9. lohaces commented on WuMo 8 months ago

    “Wearin’ next to nothin’
    ‘Cause it’s hot as an oven…”—The B-52s

  10. lohaces commented on Over the Hedge 8 months ago

    There are very few songs I truly loathe from my childhood pop music; that is one of them.