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9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

9 to 5

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  1. fierorose commented on Flo and Friends 9 days ago

    Since I’ve worn glasses since 7th grade and hearing aids since I was 7, old age never had a part in it. Just glad that at my age I can still hear and see!

  2. fierorose commented on Speed Bump 3 months ago

    He wrapped up the instructor??

  3. fierorose commented on That's Life 10 months ago

    And every one comes with a warning that it could cause death!

  4. fierorose commented on Pluggers about 1 year ago

    I sometimes forget and try ‘turning’ pages!

  5. fierorose commented on The Middletons about 1 year ago

    That’s got to be why this winter is so hard and long; our snowblower won’t work this year!

  6. fierorose commented on Momma about 1 year ago

    My husband and I just say ’we’re too old for this!’

  7. fierorose commented on Ben over 1 year ago

    My husband made a rule that no presents for me could be electric: The basis of that is that they wouldn’t be personal enough. Actually I would like a Kuerig, and there are a couple other electrical things I would like as well!

  8. fierorose commented on Pluggers over 1 year ago

    Was in a fifth grade after school fun group in the gym; a teacher or the principal came in and told us. After crying for awhile we were all sent home.

  9. fierorose commented on Arlo and Janis over 1 year ago

    After 41 years, my husband still calls me his ‘pretty lady’, and that means more to me than any procedure could! (Even though I have never been ‘pretty’!)

  10. fierorose commented on B.C. over 1 year ago

    Missed it by THAT Much!