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  1. rossevrymn commented on Jen Sorensen 5 days ago

    Wow, managed to completely unincapsulate the situation, a perfect 10, how completely, childishly, opposite for opposite’s sake.

  2. rossevrymn commented on Matt Bors 5 days ago

    300 editorial cartoonists made this funny a week ago.

  3. rossevrymn commented on Signe Wilkinson 10 days ago

    Crappily balanced

  4. rossevrymn commented on Drew Sheneman 10 days ago

    This guy seems to be slanted to the left. I guess he’s only interested in half-truths.

  5. rossevrymn commented on Brian McFadden 10 days ago

    So I see the Borsling, lil’ Jen, and, heck, no need to mess with this name, McFaddin, got together over some type of free range something and arrived at the same middle-of-the-pack conclusion. How bourgeois!!!!!

  6. rossevrymn commented on Mike Luckovich 10 days ago

    That’s the best this clown cartoonist has?

  7. rossevrymn commented on Chan Lowe 10 days ago

    So the point here is that to many Muslims are about 1,000 years behind the times?

  8. rossevrymn commented on Jen Sorensen 10 days ago

    Just like Borsing, when the message hits a little close to home, lil’ Jen moves to the middle.

  9. rossevrymn commented on Matt Bors 10 days ago

    Self pity masturbation

  10. rossevrymn commented on Matt Bors 16 days ago

    Well, we just found out what it takes for Bors to denounce a Muslim terrorist.