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  1. rossevrymn commented on Matt Bors 4 days ago

    Well, this was a dumb cartoon.

  2. rossevrymn commented on John Deering 25 days ago

    That’s because you’re a child.

  3. rossevrymn commented on Ken Catalino 25 days ago

    So we’re really not supposed to publish this kind of stuff? Isn’t that the kind of actions we find in the countries in which no one wants to live?

  4. rossevrymn commented on Matt Bors about 1 month ago

    Borsing, are you copying off other liberal cartoonists, or, they, you? Either way, you’re heading toward mainstream, granola lib-land. Must hurt.

  5. rossevrymn commented on Darrin Bell about 1 month ago

    Not really.

  6. rossevrymn commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    Nope, we just call them criminals. If everyone did that for every action where that occurred, the world would be in a better place. Thank you for obfuscating the matter, morons.

  7. rossevrymn commented on Clay Jones about 1 month ago

    There was no building that army. The Shiites were taught not to lead for 100 years. You can’t reverse such a thing tomorrow. That’s why the Sunni, with 20% of the population, can whoop dat ass. They have organization skills and a focused will. We should have never gone into Iraq in the first place. We couldn’t build the Shiites up. I know. I was there. It was a waste of my precious time. Now, just sit back and wait for Iran to get more involved; then watch the Saudis pour more moneys into the Sunnis. Then it will get interesting. We should have left Saddam in charge and bottled up with no-fly zones.

  8. rossevrymn commented on Rebecca Hendin about 1 month ago

    The libs always leave off the rich-family-being-held-hostage-in-their-home-and-brutally-murdered-by-a-repeat-offender-immigrant justice. It just doesn’t play well in their asinine, circle-jerk Peoria. Until they can find a way to stomach our plights in a full, mature way, there will be no worthwhile conversation. So play on, Rallite.

  9. rossevrymn commented on Kevin Kallaugher about 1 month ago

    Yeah, probably, especially when too many people are asininely slanted to one view:


  10. rossevrymn commented on Jen Sorensen about 1 month ago

    Waiting for the fairtoon about the two Hattiesburg police officers who were gunned down. Waiting. Waiting. Sure is quiet. Oh, lil’ Jen is not into fair?