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  1. rush09 commented on Chan Lowe over 3 years ago

    shut up Tigger!

  2. rush09 commented on Signe Wilkinson over 5 years ago

    Finally a cartoon from Signe I can agree with. When will others get on board and help Americans see what they can do to help fight these madmen.

  3. rush09 commented on Stuart Carlson over 5 years ago

    Why do we always leave FOX News out of this discussion? It is due to their constant LIES that we are in the position we are in today with these type of issues. How about a little love for the freaks at FOX and friends.

  4. rush09 commented on Michael Ramirez over 5 years ago

    Wrong Narrowminded(how fitting) it is time for everybody to step up and help this country get back on its feet. Those who benefitted from the American way of life are obligated to give more. It is tiring to hear about trickle down theories that havent worked yet as the panacia to our problems. It is tiring to hear that big business has to be protected and that multi millionaire stock traders have their income taxed same as the average joe.

    No one wants to stop growth, we want to make sure producers are supporting the system it gets its support from. Fair is fair, and it is about time that “the other side” started seeing things that way.

  5. rush09 commented on Tom Toles about 6 years ago

    Libertarian1, no problem for Obama here. If we understand that tax breaks for the majority in the $250,000 and below will actually stimulate the economy instead of just help the stock market we can see that the break WILL actually pay for itself. It is the folks who have very little who spend the majority of their income, it is those who have the most who hoard their income. Disregarding yachts and third homes ofcourse.

  6. rush09 commented on Mike Luckovich about 6 years ago

    Wrong again ANandy, the republicans are enlisting the major corporations to hold off on hiring as much as possible. For them it is a win-win. High profits, low expenses, big paychecks for CEO and Obama “loses”. Who could ask for more? Oh Yeah, the rest of this great country.

  7. rush09 commented on NEUROTICA over 6 years ago


  8. rush09 commented on Signe Wilkinson over 6 years ago

    Ok all you “free thinkers”. Time for you all to get your bottles of Dawn and start the clean up. This is the first test for you, to see how keeping the Gov’t out of Big Business and the private citizen lives, really works. BTW, lets get Sarah out there for a photo op, she wants off shore drilling so much….

  9. rush09 commented on Joel Pett over 6 years ago

    ODon, this is an important question. Before you answer it though make sure that you review how we really got to where we are today. Dont forget to ask yourself why Obama was elected over McCain. Giving a realistic answer would tell you that Obama is trying to fix the problems Bush left for him, making him look to be fiscally irresponsible,a key strategy from the minds of the GOP.

    Lets wait till 2012 to answer Reagans question shall we?

  10. rush09 commented on Steve Benson over 6 years ago

    sorry petergrt, but it is the GOP wo have exposed themselves as “little Napoleans”. Jim Demint said that healthcare would be “Obamas waterloo” and he was right….If he were Wellington.

    The GOP has shown the US and the whole world that they are not a party of the people, TEA Party excluded, and that the provisions in this bill that kick in almost immediately will be very popular with the middle class.

    The much talked about voter outrage against incumbents will hit the GOP much harder than you think…or for that matter what O’Rielly and Limbaugh think.