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  1. jeh815 commented on Doonesbury almost 7 years ago

    Hitler was a socialist? Bwahahahahahahahaha! Is that why he was bitter enemy of the Soviet Union?

    Go read about Fascism vs Communism. They are polar opposites.

    Obama has been called a fascist and Socialist at the same time. Which is it, because it can’t be both.

    With all this comparison between Hitler and Obama, our American youth will soon think we went to war against Germany because of Hitler’s health care policies.

  2. jeh815 commented on Doonesbury almost 7 years ago

    Pirate PTG said..

    ‘Where in the Constitution does it say or mandate or even suggest that I should have to pay my hard earned wages to support your health issues??”

    Currently, when someone who doesn’t have a health care plan gets sick and goes to the emergency room, you ARE paying for it. And, emergency rooms are alot more expensive than going to the doctor to prevent getting sick. So, money is actually being saved by making everyone get health care.