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  1. bscomics commented on The Fusco Brothers 23 days ago

    PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals


  2. bscomics commented on Shoe 2 months ago

    Since I don’t have credit cards and stay on my budget, I have cash in my wallet.

  3. bscomics commented on The Duplex 4 months ago

    Clark, how many union workers does it take to dig a ditch? Five, one to dig and 4 to supervise.

  4. bscomics commented on The Duplex 7 months ago

    Look again.

  5. bscomics commented on The Duplex 8 months ago

    That’s bs. You can’t have Christmas parties at day care. They have to be Holiday parties. No Easter egg hunts either. Only Spring flings. This PC crap has gone way too far.

  6. bscomics commented on Shoe about 1 year ago

    I long for the days when no one had a cell phone. That way all those so called friends couldn’t find you and you could have some quiet peace. Nowadays, you can’t take a crap without someone calling or texting you.

  7. bscomics commented on B.C. over 1 year ago

    I’m proud to say I’ve never seen a Rocky movie.

  8. bscomics commented on The Fusco Brothers over 1 year ago

    People Eating Tasty Animals. Yum!

  9. bscomics commented on Ziggy over 1 year ago


  10. bscomics commented on Wizard of Id over 1 year ago

    Can we please get over the vampire theme.