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9 to 5 by Harley Schwadron

9 to 5

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  1. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Argyle Sweater about 7 hours ago

    Baaaa-lly Fitness. Makes me think of Jim “Goat Boy” Breuer on SNL back in the 90’s.

  2. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on Non Sequitur about 23 hours ago

    Here’s to your proposed trip, Linguist. I hope she enjoys it as much as my wife from Southeast Texas (translation = 2 seasons: summer and a muddy week in February) did when we went a few years back.

  3. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on Tank McNamara 1 day ago

    Yes, but only if they power up the stadium lights with 1.21 “jigawatts” of juice, and only then if it’s from a lightning strike during the last pitch in the 9th inning of game 7 . . .

  4. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on Peanuts Begins 1 day ago

    Um, seriously? Save it for your pleadings and briefs . . .

  5. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on Monty 1 day ago

    " . . . bland and white . . . " Isn’t that kinda redundant?

  6. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on The Flying McCoys 1 day ago

    There’s a church (I won’t reveal the denomination) not far from my house, located on a fairly highly trafficked thoroughfare in an upper middle class neighborhood in Houston. Every Halloween season, they bring in a large shipment of pumpkins and spread them out around the grassy, tree-filled area between the church and the street in late September for all to see as they drive by. It really is quite picturesque, with temporary cedar fence posts, hay bales, and scarecrows and the like scattered about for additional atmosphere. My 20-something niece drove over to visit my wife and me a couple of weeks ago with her 2-yr old daughter, who went gaga over the display, seeing all kind of kids running about and pictures being snapped. So, my niece decided she would stop by there on her way back home and maybe take some pictures of the kiddo, who was thrilled about it. Anyways, when we talked a few days later I asked her about the pumpkin patch pix and she said that she had gotten none at all. However, as soon as she set her daughter next to a pumpkin and pulled our her phone to take a picture, a person – either a church member or hired worker – said that she could only take pictures if she bought a pumpkin. Well, OK, she thought, I haven’t been to the WalMart yet to buy one, how much? Cheapest pumpkin on the place? $60 bucks, for something about 10-12 inches across, with many of the larger ones going for $100 or more. Wow. I suppose I understand that some things are meant to be fundraisers, maybe even for a good cause, such as the new multi-sport events center at the church. But a tithing-level cost for a pumpkin purchase seemed a little absurd.

  7. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on Reality Check 2 days ago

    Sometime back in the 80’s (or maybe it was the 70’s), the Hormel people put on a cooking contest in Dallas where all entries had to have Spam as the focus element. The winning dessert entry included cherries, whipped cream, cream cheese, and broken up bits of cake product made by Hostess. The “chef” of this monstrosity called it “Spam-a-lam-a-ding-dong.”

  8. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on Committed 2 days ago

    Wow, that seems a pretty harsh result for your daughter . . .

  9. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on Moderately Confused 3 days ago

    If I know that guy, that’s the fridge in the break room at work, and he’s the one that’s always stealing somebody else’s lunch . . .

  10. pfei2582 GoComics Pro Member commented on Lay Lines 5 days ago

    I don’t understand the sad emoji. Your equity has gone up by 400% and that’s somehow a bad thing?