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  1. realman commented on Frazz about 3 years ago

    I don’t mean to pile on about ShopRite – I thought of this independently, before reading the other comments, but…
    In addition to mwbarr’s good point about trademarking, technically, if you think of ShopRite as referring to the shopping ritual (The Shop Rite [wink;smile]), it could be considered spelled correctly (if one accepts turning the two words into a compound word).

  2. realman commented on Over the Hedge about 3 years ago

    Pie is simply one of the best words in the English language.

  3. realman commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 3 years ago

    Decades after the original release of this C+H came the song The Gull & I, poem by John William Carroll, music by Reuben Butchart & The Millworkers. The song sprang to mind after reading this time. I don’t think these comments allow links, so. . . listen free at reubenbutchart dot bandcamp dot com /track/the-gull-and-i

  4. realman commented on That New Carl Smell about 3 years ago

    It should be a real song.
    Maybe ask Roy Schneider (The Humble Stumble creator, now acoustic musician, who’ll be on The Voice, possibly 9/23) to consider writing?

  5. realman commented on Back in the Day about 3 years ago

    SFX remind me of the nonsense words sung in “Get A Job”…

  6. realman commented on The Academia Waltz almost 7 years ago

    Poppa: LOL!

  7. realman commented on Jim Morin almost 7 years ago

    Ken - Thanks for the reply. I understand your views better now. Strongly agree that the hypocrisy is bad and seems strangely over-partisan.

    My specific experience of people sacrificing for others differs in type but not in quality from yours – I’ve seen innumerable families of choice that have pulled together to support sick or unfortunate people when traditional systems failed, often for people who they don’t know. Brave people I’ve known have often appeared not just unexpectedly but with unexpected appearances. [physically perhaps not what one would expect.]

    You’re another kind of unexpected, and I’m grateful for what you wrote. It always hits me right here (just imagine) when I recognize that moment of shared experience with someone. Thanks.

  8. realman commented on Jim Morin almost 7 years ago

    Mr Warren:

    I believe you were addressing Mr Gwin and not me, and if you think it’s not for me to comment, you needn’t continue reading.

    I do want to mention that I (and many who question and criticize) feel no less love for our country and our values then those who can check off a list of pro-American stereotypes. When we profess our love for America and Americans, we don’t relinquish our ability to think critically and to criticize intelligently.

    I’m only two steps removed from at least one (if not more) of the people who behaved heroically on 9/11 (that is, I don’t know them, but I know people who do). (Not to put myself in the same group as them, but I tried to do my part when 9/11 occurred on the morning of my regular weekly college radio program, and tried to be as informative and as comforting as I could.) In other words, I honor people who behaved heroically rather than give in to fear, and people who just tried to not let their fears overcome them – most regular Americans come under those categories, I believe.

    But there are indeed too many people making too many cowardly decisions: not on battlefields, nor – as too much finger pointing claims – among folks generally on the political left.

    Just make note of the fear mongering that occurred when Wall Street re-opened, and the stock markets tanked. Where was our patriotism then? The fear-mongering our political leaders employed in their marketing campaign for war. Was it brave to trump up reasons? Did (and this is equally directed at R’s and D’s) our elected federal officers display their high esteem for the people’s judgment by selling us the actions they took while hiding the costs?

    And more to the point, do airlines care for their customers by demonstrating that they’re doing what needs to be done to keep us safe, or are they acting like they’re doing what needs to be done, but all they’re doing is window-dressing, to give people the illusion of safety, selling only the illusion of control?

  9. realman commented on Jim Morin almost 7 years ago

    For some better-priority means of dealing with terrorism (just for starters), stick with this segment from yesterday’s TRMS to the end – the interviewee doesn’t get to the point right away, but does eventually answer the question “Are there things that we should be doing in response to incidences like these that are, in your view, more rational, more directly getting at the problem?” http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26315908/#34615697

  10. realman commented on ViewsMidEast almost 7 years ago

    I don’t think it’s “tuning its back on entering the EU” so much as it’s acting as a representative from the EU and, with Syria’s assistance, going through the ceremonial motions (the removed shoes) to meet with Iran & Libya. (I’m not familiar with the purpose. I’m neither convinced the leaders of Iran & Libya are worth talking to nor committed, as so many talk like they are, to nothing more than rattling sabers and throwing insults at them.) Tend to lean toward finding new channels for communication as a good thing.