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  1. glynis37 commented on Gil Thorp 5 days ago

    Ellisburkes said, about 15 hours agoI suppose it is too late to start building an Ark, unless one is residing in Little Rock. Lumber wise, it would require an enormous quantity of two by twos, of course there would have to be at least one Noah it all to ramrod the project. If they decided to utilize steel, they would need an army of, forgive me, ark welders. I apologize.

    Neither Lowes nor Home Depot carries a decent grade of gopherwood anymore.

  2. glynis37 commented on Flo and Friends 8 days ago

    These girls are about 15 or 16, right? Their grandparents are probably in their 60’s and grew up on rock and roll.

  3. glynis37 commented on Berger & Wyse 10 days ago

    Nobody told that guy, “Never bring a sword to a gunfight”.

  4. glynis37 commented on Dick Tracy 16 days ago

    I read about the planned changes on another site yesterday. The info has since been removed, but it also mentioned that there would be a significant increase in the PRO membership fee. The increased character limit is good, but too much else has been lost and I have no plans to go PRO ever again.

  5. glynis37 commented on Dick Tracy 17 days ago

    As of this morning, I am officially de-PRO’d. I actually prefer the format of the non-PRO page, so I don’t regret my decision at all!

    @tsull2121 – I’ve joined up and waiting.

    @ Neil Wick – I’ll be waiting for the discus update.

  6. glynis37 commented on Dick Tracy 18 days ago

    Hmmm. Now my PRO has re-appeared.

  7. glynis37 commented on Tank McNamara 18 days ago

    That’s going to be hard to throw straight with that big, heavy gold(plated) “TRUMP” making it all lopsided.

  8. glynis37 commented on Dick Tracy 18 days ago

    Sent an email this morning and told them not to renew:


    The changes you have made to the comments section are unacceptable and I have no desire to financially support your organization any longer."

    Looks like my PRO is gone so they flat out cancelled it instead of letting it expire.Even my password is no longer valid. Very petty and spiteful reaction.

  9. glynis37 commented on Pearls Before Swine 19 days ago

    Plumbob Wilson said, about 10 hours agoI wish there was an option on the ballot to leave the position vacant for the next four years. Just hang a “help wanted” sign on the gate at 1600 Pennsylvania.————————————————————-Sounds good until you remember who’ll be doing the interviewing and hiring. Congress is at least as corrupt as any of the candidates.

  10. glynis37 commented on Dick Tracy 19 days ago

    These changes have pretty much eliminated the raison d’etre of the comments on “That Is Priceless”. I mentioned cancelling my PRO membership there, wondering if it would do any good. Sounds like I will be in good company!