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  1. Slowpoke Halol commented on Joel Pett almost 7 years ago

    Yes Anthony, for example, I could make some studies on gravity, fake them, but gravity would still exist. However, the gravity of this situation is a little bit different, I should think. Should I really overlook this? I know the scientists want me to, because they’re human.

    Just sayin, with this flying around, I don’t want people to be jumping the gun on man made climate change. I can understand the urgency of the environment, but play to the points you know I care about: pollution, deforestation, habitat destruction, not a dubious temperature increase.

  2. Slowpoke Halol commented on ViewsMidEast almost 7 years ago

    Strange, only 4 people went to the conference

  3. Slowpoke Halol commented on ViewsLatinAmerica almost 7 years ago

    Canuck, I remember something about Napoleon III, don’t remember exactly.

    That’s a massive hand, by the way…

  4. Slowpoke Halol commented on ViewsBusiness almost 7 years ago

    The idea is a bit tacky.

  5. Slowpoke Halol commented on ViewsAmerica almost 7 years ago

    I dunno Canuck, might be more of a job for Atlas

  6. Slowpoke Halol commented on Joel Pett almost 7 years ago

    The world should be cleaned, no question. Pollution? Makes the air harder to breathe. Unfortunately, the campaign for this change has to be headed by this man-made climate change debate. I used to have respect for the scientists there, but now the scientists have gone and wrecked my respect.

    Why did they have to hide their methods? Whatever happened to the scientific method that I learned about in school? This screams money (why am I surprised?).

    Don’t spare me the “I am a pollution lover” argument. That argument is silly. I don’t want my country to end up like China, where they wear masks to breathe in their major cities. Where’s the nuclear power, nuclear fusion? That stuff is ridiculously clean compared to fossil fuels.

    Anthony, you might like this: http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/paleo/metadata/noaa-icecore-2475.html

    Click the link under data.

  7. Slowpoke Halol commented on Chuck Asay almost 7 years ago

    Canuck: I dunno Canuck, it’s what you make of it, really. In the Bible, Jesus came to re-affirm God’s love for the people by dying and wiping the slate clean. In that sense, I suppose it would become much more abundant.

    Of course, I don’t really know. I simply don’t appreciate the connection made in this comic, tailored to say that Jesus specifically came to oppose abortion. Sorry for reply delay, I do other stuff during the day. :D

  8. Slowpoke Halol commented on Chuck Asay almost 7 years ago

    What I don’t get, and correct me if I’m wrong in saying so: This issue, as I may naively assume, was voted out in the house of reps so it could even get passed to go to the senate. The fact that it’s still in issue leads me to two conclusions: a. People don’t know the change was made, or b. People don’t believe that a change was made.

    I’m split: most people suck.

    And as an aside, I don’t like the usage of John 10:10 at the bottom. Even though I’m not a huge fan of abortion (and this is a hugely controversial issue), I do believe that Jesus is talking about eternal life as opposed to earthly life.

  9. Slowpoke Halol commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 7 years ago

    Tank looks a little bit crusty

  10. Slowpoke Halol commented on Gary Varvel almost 7 years ago

    Hmm, I didn’t know that health care turned Democrats into Frenchies.