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  1. californicated1 commented on Drabble 1 day ago

    Bug Zappers are the next best thing to TV…until you have to clean up the debris piles underneath the zapper, which can attract birds looking for an easy meal…who in turn leave an even worse mess behind.

  2. californicated1 commented on Bad Reporter 4 days ago

    Yes, the first Klan was started by disgruntled southern Democrats.

    But northern Republicans embraced the second Klan and treated them as if they were Rotarians or Lions clubs.

    The second Klan was embraced by people like mayors Benjamin H. Stapleton and Robert W. Speer of Denver as well as businessman Frederick Trump in New York and the Great Depression along with that eugenics war called World War II snuffed out that movement.

    The third and current incarnation of the Klan started after World War II by southerners disaffected by both parties at the time until Senator Robert Byrd adopted some of their platforms to get elected on a “democratic” ticket and became a “Dixiecrat” in the process.

    George C. Wallace and to a lesser extent even Barry Goldwater embraced the new Klan’s platform, especially if it took white votes from Lyndon B. Johnson after the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

  3. californicated1 commented on Steve Breen 4 days ago

    That should be more like Dana Carvey’s impression of the first President Bush than the actual George Herbert Walker Bush, himself.

  4. californicated1 commented on Michael Ramirez 4 days ago

    …Or (t)Voya.

    If your 401k is through them, look at the fine print instead of the stuff they print in bold lettering, especially the line that says how much money you put in and that it may be the only amount you can cash out.

    And if you know Russian, you know why I put the (t) in front.

  5. californicated1 commented on Robert Ariail 4 days ago

    Usually our choices are between dumb and dumber, but the problem with this election is who is which?

    Some of my relatives already think one candidate was put up by one party to make the other candidate from the other party electable.

    But all choices this year seem equally bad.

  6. californicated1 commented on Jeff Danziger 5 days ago

    Do we really trust “Lumpy” with the news?

  7. californicated1 commented on Ziggy 8 days ago

    Hopefully, it was I-580 westbound between Grant Line Road and Greenville Road.

  8. californicated1 commented on Jeff Danziger 12 days ago

    The reason why the countrymen are doing the torturing is because if they didn’t, then they would be tortured.

    Such is Soviet method.

  9. californicated1 commented on The Fusco Brothers 12 days ago

    If E.Coli is a possibility, it probably means that the US Department of Agriculture is not doing their job.

  10. californicated1 commented on Ziggy 12 days ago

    That could easily be our government under a Donald Trump administration.

    Everything will be “pay to play” on top of the taxes that we already pay to have that government function in the first place.