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  1. Neuromancer commented on La Cucaracha over 2 years ago

    Cepa, you are right, the person that triggered this nightmare is Abigail Medina, from Mexican descent. She fabricated a crazy story based on lies that this gang happily followed to justify? explain? sustain? this charade.
    I’ve been reading all the documentation available at SPLC and the judge, even though he is mentioned as a co-conspirator, is nowhere mentioned as a defendant; I am afraid he will not be touched.

  2. Neuromancer commented on La Cucaracha over 4 years ago

    I did say that the inmigration policy is not good at all. However the restriction of owning propierties has a reason to be: take a look at what happened in Spain real state because of the Brits buying masively at cheap prices. Mexicans are already “banned” in many areas, mostly in Cabos and the Riviera Maya. Of course except if you are part of the 1% .

  3. Neuromancer commented on La Cucaracha over 4 years ago

    You got a point with the Central Americans in Mexico, but rather than having a harsh inmigration policy, the problem is there is no inmigration policy. Being said that, there are too many retired and spring breakers, coming and going quite easily, and too few working and contributing foreigners in Mexico. All nations need them.

  4. Neuromancer commented on La Cucaracha over 4 years ago

    @Jeff: Really? With open border without any passport control and only random customs checks? Would you like a red carpet too?

  5. Neuromancer commented on 9 to 5 over 6 years ago

    No we don’t! We actually work more hours than you guys do. Care to do some research?

  6. Neuromancer commented on Non Sequitur almost 7 years ago

    @ Dan Eye: thank you for the link, it’s quite a gift.

    @ Mr Gareth: Stupidity is universal and a good business everywhere, however for making business the US leads…