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  1. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on One Big Happy about 6 hours ago

    Ruthie is good, Ruthie is wise.

  2. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Dog Eat Doug about 6 hours ago

    Cats are very quiet when eating. But very loud bringing up hairballs Yuk!
    Dogs are noisy eaters but most of the time their digestion is better.

  3. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Barney & Clyde about 6 hours ago

    It’s true it really is! That is when I stopped eating it. How can it be good for you when it eats toxic stuff?

  4. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Bob the Squirrel about 6 hours ago

    That is Sad! Bob all us readers LOVE you. We also like your friend the chipmunk girl, your friend Ernest and your family.
    You are really cute and when you make an aappearance as Natural Squirrel, that is adorable.

  5. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Little Dog Lost about 6 hours ago

    Lil Dog, lose the darn tortiose! He is a big grump and always has a bad word to say.
    Gofind your Skrirrell buddy or you friend Pack Rat.
    The are much more deightful and interesting.
    The Crow and the Buzzard are at least very funny.

  6. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin about 6 hours ago

    Freedom is what we used to sing about in school, and seemed to stand for.
    30 years ago a guy came into the presidency and started the destruction of the unions and voodoo economics.
    Since then the income for all but the very rich went flatline.

  7. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Brian McFadden about 6 hours ago

    This is what we put innocent civilians like (you and me) on a daily basis in one or more countries every day.
    Other war mongers and profiteers that are forcing a war of aggression and even genocide on their neighbors, this means all aggressors, including Israel, who is being run, according to the book of revelation, 2 Times, says in the end time Israel’s leaders will be false Jews. The real Jews lived for years as nieghbors with the palstinians until Zionists took over.
    And all the smaller wars in Africa and of course Russia preying on Ukraine’s people.
    All wars are bad and karma is not pleasant.
    And just because I said karma, it’s the easiest term for come back at you with very bad results.

  8. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Jen Sorensen about 6 hours ago

    News to blonde woman with glasses; people in other countries are real people too! and besides, they don’t really want to be you, don’t necessarily like you and in many cases are much more attractive than you. Their world doesn’t revolve around the USA.
    It is also a big Shame that our war profiteers make innocent civilians suffer like they do.
    Can you imagine if it were you whose home was bombed, left you a refugee?
    Or killed your children knowing that someone wants your children dead too?
    Or live in a country controlled by gangs and mobsters, oops, I guess we do know that.
    But if we want to keep our kids alive so we try to seek political assylum in a place where many people think you are only good for picking our crops, gosing down offal in a cold locker room of meat, and ruining our hands in about 3 years cutting beaks off chickens?
    I’m happy to see thiis cartoon and hope it will show some people what it is like to people who have no compassion or empathy.
    Our leaders (All of them) need to learn it but they too are without compassion and empathy.

  9. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Monty about 8 hours ago

    Little fella, we ought to crush you Now, before you can do to much harm.
    Once these types get big they are a big trouble.

  10. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Thatababy about 8 hours ago

    Means he is getting too sleepy to cry much longer. A good thing.