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  1. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Ron Warren about 23 hours ago

    This guy is so pretty. He has that kind of guy that radiate joy to all who see him!

  2. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Robert Ariail 1 day ago

    Sometimes it has been hard for some people to get enrolled. Some people pay too much.But for the people who couldn’t be seen by a Dr. at all, those who had pre-existing conditions find it a life saver.Being Poor causes earlier death because of lack of medical care and it has saved lives.It needs to be improved, but,, the only way seems to be is to force the pharmaceutical near-monopolies to behave in a moral and reasonable way. If it costs pennies to produce a drug and it is sold for hundreds of $$ that should not be legal and is not moral.Same thing with health insurances. They benefit from the ACA, their cut should also be fair, moral and reasonable.the lust for more money by the haves are cheating those who are what is called “the Deserving needy”.Some cheating by patients happens, but most people who need help have valid reasons. 40% of the poor are kids and the other big segment are the old, and “OLS” comes a lot sooner than you would think.You can’t always tell who is disabled, mental illness for example usually doesn’t make a person Look different.Would people rather have a big group of people go without because a few are cheat?Who are the "needy and who are the “Deserving needy”.Does being human count? What about animals? Do pets deserve to live with injuries because they are not people?Or does being a sentient being count or not?

  3. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Lunarbaboon 1 day ago

    A sad comment on life these days, when a little girl has to watch out for people who “might” hurt her as opposed to being sweet and trusting.There is nothing new under the sun tho, and things were worse at times too. Like burning teenagers for being witches.Most teen girls are so moody and drama prone that it’s a wonder that practice stopped.Or else they were poor old ladies who were widows with only few rotted teeth left, who needed cataract surgery, were hunchbacked with a life of hard work, teeth, who fed the 900 village cats.

  4. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 1 day ago

    Chain-saw guy must have had a very great amount of adrenaline going.

  5. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Pooch Cafe 1 day ago

    That is a lot of purple cats. I’m surprised they are all so passive, like collecting eggs.Maybe that is just how purple cats are.

  6. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Beardo 1 day ago

    Cool. I bet that is why you are not having them find out the child’s gender.I would have Loved to known what mine would be.Are you waiting to find out in real life too?I had a girl and then 3 boys.My daughter had 1 girl and 1 boy, my grand-daughter had a girl then a boy.Some things don’t make sense but are possibly genetic.My sons all had boys.I wish you and your little baby a good future.Ps. Here comes the advice you will get;be sure to breastfeed as long as possible.

  7. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Pinkerton 1 day ago

    Are his Ears getting smaller recently or have they always been this tiny? I thought his ears came to taller points a few tears ago. Characters often are modified slightly over the years sometimes, like Red and Rover, Red’s hair has gotten a lot shorter and the recent Sundays with Ginger Meggs has changed a lot.I enjoy both your people comics and your critter comics. Branching out is fun.

  8. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on La Cucaracha 1 day ago

    I don’t get the joke.Who is this?what does split pants have to do with voting?

  9. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown 1 day ago

    This makes me think of a zit that needed Sqeezing from a face you wouldn’t steal

  10. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles 2 days ago

    The media gave him all types of media exposure and free coverage because he is so very easy to make “news” with. They never know what crazy thing he might do.The media are run by rich conservatives, but H. Clinton Does have them in her pocket.