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  1. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown about 2 hours ago

    I just saw a vision of Holly suddenly sporting big mousie ears!!

  2. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Ron Warren about 2 hours ago

    Almost sad. Horrible to be a dog abandoned on the snow because of his bad bark.

  3. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Signe Wilkinson about 2 hours ago

    Whoo! That is so cute Marco splattered on the front of Chris’s bus.
    element of surprise!

  4. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin about 2 hours ago

    this says lots about our country, the fact that so many people are so enraged that they want an angry hornet for a president.
    Of course people are angry. We can’t afford to live on wages that aren’t keeping us with the steep rise of the price of food and health care and prescriptions’
    When large groups who used to be middle class, but now find themselves in poverty.
    I’m an old woman and I Never saw kids and adult with bad teeth, missing teeth, jobs paid men enough to raise his children on his one job and moms didn’t think of working because that would be bad for the kids.
    As late as 1970’s there were magazine articles about what will happen if Mom isn’t home raising them.
    The problem has shown to be correct.

  5. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich about 2 hours ago

    This isn’t a really big deal, just don’t make babies while in Brasil.
    The real problem is the olympics in Japan.
    Why anyone would go there voluntarily with all that radiation getting worse every month.

  6. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Phil Hands about 2 hours ago

    This is well drawn, good placements of the Harry and the kids. But I don’t know what it means.
    pretty sure that Phil Hands is a great artist.

  7. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on John Deering about 2 hours ago

    I read that a statue of a riderless horse usually indicate that the leader is dead. This may be a figurative clue that his campaign is dead.

  8. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Matt Davies about 2 hours ago

    When a governor knows that he may be slowly poisoning a whole town, causing their IQ’s to be lower, as it seems he knew, he should go to jail and get find up to his neck.
    It used to be that you could be comfortable knowing your elected officials looked out for the good of his people.
    These days there is a fear of what the elected officials may do TO you.
    And if you watch you tube it get beyond vague fears but very likely specific fears.

  9. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown about 3 hours ago

    My 1st thought was Lyn sees a mutant in his house.
    He has seen the monster anthros and possibly or probably seen a few furry anthros running to hid.
    OTOH maybe Lyn sees him as is human self. That wouldn’t really make sense I guess.

    Lyn seems more surprised than alarmed, surprised looks don’t last long, it soon turns to something else.
    THen he would think maybe ,,
    A stuffed toy has come alive,
    or “I’m going to throw you out”
    or I’ve never seen such a big cat, and wearing clothes?
    Like Darwinskeeper, I’m also an aspie.
    my main problems are that I can’t tell if someone is kidding or serious.
    I started talking to a woman and her adult daughter and asked “How many Grand-children do you have?”
    The dotter said “37”
    And I said “that is a lot of G-kids” then the mom said
    " I have 21 grandkids"
    that is what aspies often do; I don’t get it when people are kidding and joking.

  10. Wabbit GoComics Pro Member commented on Endtown about 7 hours ago

    Actually,in yesterday’s strip, I did think what Kirby said to chic about not knowing what you have, is the main reason for Wally standing therre looking on.
    Like he was happy in the desert for 6 years, not really wanting anything, or that Wally should be evaluating his friendship/love interest friend.