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  1. mikkelh commented on Rip Haywire over 3 years ago

    Rip & Cobra forever!

  2. mikkelh commented on Over the Hedge over 3 years ago

    HELMET?!? He just uses that for show… it’s in his contract for whenever kids actually see him (not just impressions of him) doing something dangerous. It is actually made of paper maché.

  3. mikkelh commented on Starslip almost 4 years ago

    … And some people think this is hyperbole. No, this is the reality of “modern art”. It is why modern “contemporary” "art"" makes me sick.
    I have actually seen an art piece that was a white canvas with a single straight line running across it… and a variation with the line running down. Then there was the variation by another artist who did nothing more than paint the canvas with white gauche (spelling?)

  4. mikkelh commented on Rip Haywire over 5 years ago

    What, am I the only one who actually got the strip in colour? Or are you all colour-blind??