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Santa vs. Dracula

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  1. mormonyoyoman commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Already with the coffee nerves?

  2. mormonyoyoman commented on Pickles 9 days ago

    From the outside, it looks like the TARDIS, sort of. Youth is wasted on all the wrong people.

  3. mormonyoyoman commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Two seats only in each aisle? And they have leg room? What airline is this?

  4. mormonyoyoman commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Don’t wimp out now, Gunther!

  5. mormonyoyoman commented on Luann 11 months ago

    This has nothing to do with Gunther and Rosa. Darn it!

    But I just saw the Luann stage play script sale site (from the traditional Samuel French) and there’s an option to buy the soundtrack.

    Don’t break my heart! Tell me the soundtrack includes the ENTIRE soundtrack and not just the songs/music. Dialogue. Hissy fits! Bullies! Ostracism! All the stuff that none of us miss from high school!

  6. mormonyoyoman commented on Luann 11 months ago

    Get a ring and set a date, kids. Stat! Trust me – after 40 years, it’s worked pretty well for us.

  7. mormonyoyoman commented on Luann about 1 year ago

    Aw…their first fight.

    Gunther has been rejected so often and for so long, that he obviously doesn’t feel he’s worth it when something goes his way. He definitely seems to feel out of his class with Rosa, and tries to be oblivious.

    2014 will show whether Gunther “mans up” and learns what real responsibility is. True Love isn’t teenager coming of age sexually….true love is getting through the fights, trying to determine what makes things work, not planning once in awhile (because plans just make God laugh, at least in our 40-year old marriage!) worrying about making ends meet, trying to be the best father to your kids and the best husband for your wife. Then looking at each other every so often, and realizing that you had fun along the way.

    Gunther is just a little too afraid of failure right now. All his life, he’s been the dweeb that (he is certain) everyone laughs about behind his back. And now he has the hottest girl in school and is doing exactly the wrong thing: trying to be just Too Stable.

    Yes, 2014 is going to be the most entertaining and deeply involved year of the Luann strip yet. I never thought I’d see her, her friends & brother, and the comic strip itself grow up so quickly.

  8. mormonyoyoman commented on Chuck Asay over 2 years ago

    As I recall, he indicated these 47% didn’t like him (Few socialists or Communists would) and they oughtn’t even try to get the members of the Church of Obama to vote for him.