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  1. Andrew_C commented on Doonesbury 12 days ago

    It was actually a barrel roll that the 707/KC-135 prototype famously did on a demo flight for IATA. And of course NASA’s Vomit Comet was originally a KC-135A and is presently a 727-200

  2. Andrew_C commented on Doonesbury 12 days ago

    The 707 could do an inside loop, as it had a lot of tech in common with the B-47, and was actually sort of the succesor to a project to see if a civilian version of the B-47 was possible (it wasn’t a whole new design like the 707 was needed).

  3. Andrew_C commented on Doonesbury 16 days ago

    Actually both Bush & Obama made a lot of noise about going to Mars, and only succeeded in shifting funding from areas that NASA was having great success in and doing essential work, like aerospace research, unmanned missions mission and even public education efforts, toward vanity projects with dubious scientific value.

    They both threw lots of money at NASA and at the same time starved the projects where NASA was doing it’s best works.

  4. Andrew_C commented on Doonesbury 16 days ago

    And it didn’t help that the Mycenaeans, the successors to the Minoans got wiped by Doric Invasion & Sea Peoples because their bronze tech was no match for iron.

  5. Andrew_C commented on Matt Bors 17 days ago

    You are a white person in the United States yet are unaware white Americans are far less likely to get convicted if charged with a crime. Curious.

  6. Andrew_C commented on Calvin and Hobbes 19 days ago

    Thats why you have choclate tapoica pudding (with raisins or sultanas)

  7. Andrew_C commented on Doonesbury 19 days ago

    Actually, the USSR entered WWII secretly allied with Germany (The Molotov Pact) when they invaded Poland along with Germany. It was the British Commonwealth that fought the Axis alone for 2 years. And if Hitler hadn’t invaded the USSR first, Stalin would have invaded Germany and gone on to roll up the rest of continental Europe.

    EDIT: pact not accords

  8. Andrew_C commented on Matt Bors 23 days ago

    @Tom Hyland The only people full of crap here are “Architects” & “Engineers” for Truth. I trained as an architect and my father was a structural and civil engineer, and I can tell you that very few architects actually understand the structural issues involved in a massive structure like a dam or skyscraper like the World Trade Centre towers. Likewise there is a surprisingly large amount of civil engineers who don’t understand those issues either.

  9. Andrew_C commented on Matt Bors about 1 month ago

    You mean typical Trump supporters, so of course not

  10. Andrew_C commented on Scenes from a Multiverse about 1 month ago

    Cornelius Snarlington & Horace Greenstein, my favourite SFAM characters.