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  1. noblepa commented on Bloom County 2015 5 months ago

    It was “Citizen’s a-RAY-est, citizen’s a-RAY-est!”.

  2. noblepa commented on Matt Wuerker 5 months ago

    The cartoon is backwards. Bernie should be on Hillary’s left flank, while the Donald is on Jeb’s right.

  3. noblepa commented on Signe Wilkinson 5 months ago

    I think that the Donald suffers from the same affliction as Jimmy Carter. They both think that the president has real POWER in Washington.

    Jimmy Carter came in, riding a figurative white horse, promising to clean up Dodge City.

    Trump is promising to single-handedly change Washington.

    In reality, the prez doesn’t have a lot of POWER.

    He can’t introduce legislation.

    He can’t declare war.

    He can’t even decline to spend money that Congress has appropriated. Nixon tried that and SCOTUS slapped him down.

    He CAN veto a bill, but Congress can override that veto.

    What the prez has is a tremendous amount of INFLUENCE. As TR put it, the White House is a “bully pulpit”.

    Carter couldn’t accomplish much of anything domestically, even with a democrat-controlled congress, because of his attitude.

    After the election, but before the inauguration, Reagan, who defeated Carter, went to Washington and schmoozed with congressional leaders, establishing good working relationships. Consequently, Reagan did more with an opposition congress than Carter did with a friendly congress.

    Trump seems to believe that he can force Mexico to build a wall, force China to bend to his will, end birthright citizenship and many other things, all by himself.

  4. noblepa commented on Mike Luckovich 5 months ago

    A police spokesman said the kid was held because he refused to cooperate. He kept insisting that the device was a clock.

    It WAS a clock.

    The kid was charged with bringing a hoax bomb to school.

    Q. Was it a bomb?
    A. No, so he couldn’t be charged with bringing an actual bomb to school.

    Q. Did the kid claim it was a bomb?
    A. No, so how could he be charged with a hoax. A hoax is when someone makes a claim that turns out to be false.

    I hope the kid sues the school and the police for false arrest. I don’t see how the police can argue that they had probable cause.

  5. noblepa commented on Mike Luckovich 9 months ago

    Wasn’t he that sixties actor who starred in “Run For Your Life” and was the bad guy, opposite Patrick Swayze in “Road House”?

  6. noblepa commented on Dilbert Classics 10 months ago

    In one of his compilations, Scott Adams included a strip in which Dogbert informed the pointy-haired boss that 40 percent of absences at work happened on either Monday or Friday. Adams said the mail was about equal between those abhoring this fact and those pointing out that it is exactly what should be expected.

  7. noblepa commented on Tank McNamara about 3 years ago

    TIgger, you forgot “thaw the bird”. Every year, some moron tries to deep fry a frozen turkey. The frozen water in the bird flash boils and flings boiling oil in all directions, even if the pot is not overfilled.

  8. noblepa commented on Mike Luckovich about 3 years ago

    DrCanuck: I agree about Shep Smith. I stayed up on election night to watch the results. All the networks, including Fox had called it for Obama by 11:30. At about 12:30 Shep Smith was explaining that the protocol was for the loser to make a phone call, then a concessions speech and then the winner would make a victory speech. Smith seemed downright peeved that Romney had still given no indication that he was going to concede.

    Smith and a few others seem to try to be real journalists, but they are completely overshadowed by Hannity, O’Reilly, et al.

  9. noblepa commented on Tom Toles about 3 years ago

    Michael WME: The Senate does not, and AFAIK, never has operated under Roberts Rules of Order, although there may be similarities.

    It is my understanding that it would take only 51 votes to change the Senate Rules to eliminate or change the filibuster, but that both parties are loathe to do so, because they all know that they may want to use it some day.

    I would prefer that it be eliminated altogether, but I would be happy if they would return to the days when a Senator must actually stand there and talk. Remember Jimmy Stewart in “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”?

    I, too, find the anonymous holds to be especially offensive. IMHO, they are downright unconstitutional. The Constitution gives each house the right to set their own rules, but I don’t believe that right extends to subverting the intent of the Constitution.

  10. noblepa commented on Tom Toles over 3 years ago

    Tigger also conveniently fails to remember that, when the democrats voted to extend the Bush tax cuts, they only did so because the republicans were prepared to prevent ANY budget measure from passing, thus causing the U.S. to default on its debt for the first time in history.