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  1. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Kelley 30 days ago

    Since Congress is not passing laws but obstructing everything, what else is Obama supposed to do? Let the US remain totally gridlocked? What a stupid cartoon. Meanwhile, Obamacare is working, unemployment is down, Bin Laden is dead, the US is out of Iraq, the deficit is lower, and Obama (not Congress) still has the respect of most of the world in a way that the Bush republicans never did – because they are capable of seeing things without partisan politics getting in the way. They also don’t listen to Fox News lies.

  2. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich about 1 month ago

    It really does happen, but so do false allegations as a way to get money from someone who knows that EVEN allegations can ruin a career… a pretty good reason to pay someone off even if it didn’t happen. In the court of public opinion, “she said” is now taken as true no matter what the circumstances, because of political correctness. Vindictiveness and greed seem to be the new methodology for “making it” in this world. Not by everyone, but by too many people. It is a well-known fact that you cannot prove a negative; so if someone charges you falsely, replying “I did not” is not going to be believed. All these women saying things HOW MANY YEARS after the fact??? Unless you’ve still got a “blue dress with cum stains on it” like Monica W. – you ain’t got a case, lady!

  3. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Breen about 1 month ago

    Since the Republicans have had NO good faith since Obama came in – doing any and everything in their power to sabotage any and everything he does – and to hell with what people need… it is no surprise that Obama is now treating them with the contempt they deserve.

  4. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Benson about 1 month ago

    Apparently this is “old news”…he responded to it in the past, there is no reason to allow himself to be attacked non-stop for the rest of his life for something not even proven. How many other famous people have been followed by hordes of women who think they can either get money or at least publicity for saying they slept/were raped by someone famous? How many are real? Think Mia Farrow’s daughter who keeps saying she was abused – except that Woody passed a lie detector test and Mi refused to take one – after making sure her kid said what she had been told to say…Cosby is right to refuse to answer…unless someone has filed a complaint and taken him to court.

  5. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Jack Ohman about 1 month ago

    Note how the neocons here have found a way to get us totally OFF-TOPIC… instead of talking about how the refusal to increase the minimum wage is about keeping people in poverty, we are now discussing “racism”. Instead of talking about how the GOP ONLY cares about keeping the rich rich, about how the Right Wing politicians are completely out of touch or just don’t care – we are talking about the bona fides of the readers…

  6. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Signe Wilkinson 2 months ago

    The problem isn’t the porn, it’s that they are doing this when they should be working. As for the ladies who complain that this makes for an “uncomfortable” environment, well, men could always complain that allowing women to make all the rules is also “uncomfortable”, like the entire toilet seat thing. You can’t complain that there aren’t enough women in office culture, and then, when they finally let you in, start complaining that they should now have to change all their behaviour patterns to fit YOU. If you really want to do this – start your OWN company and hire only women. Sheesh. The real problem here is that women will never be satisfied until men behave like women! Why should they? Men don’t tell women in the office which sites to go onto for some relaxation. Until they do – LOOK ELSEWHERE and stop complaining!!!

  7. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Gary Varvel 2 months ago


  8. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Signe Wilkinson 3 months ago

    Bravo. Some sense for once. Those who think solar isn’t working have no idea of the latest advances. Only problem is, because the US is so focused on oil, it is the Chinese that are making the cheap and efficient solar panels; They will make a killing while the US finds itself losing the market because of ideology.

  9. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Chris Britt 3 months ago

    Not only is Chris an idiot, he can’t even draw a decent portrait of Obama… then again, how good can you be at drawing when you are wearing a blindfold?

  10. MrSmee GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Benson 4 months ago

    Let’s be honest folks; No matter WHAT Obama does, you are gonna diss him. He doesn’t go in – he’s a coward or blah blah blah; He does go in – he’s getting “us” back into another war blah blah blah.
    Aren’t you getting just a little tired of your hypocrisies? Everybody else is!