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  1. Herbabee commented on Glenn McCoy almost 6 years ago

    McKookoo’s leaving a lot of ambiguity unattended in this set-up, given his place on the political spectrum.

    Or have I jus’ been away too long….?

  2. Herbabee commented on Doonesbury about 6 years ago

    Oh ratz - been away too long, and there’s Lil’ Duke in the limelight again!

  3. Herbabee commented on Drew Sheneman over 6 years ago

    Not a bad analogy - the McNews weather people often sound more annoying than the clime itself (the “Today’s gonna be a scorcher!” sing-song sorta ruined the little available breeze wafting through the window this morn).

    But then, I suppose they’re just programmed/hatched to talk like that anyway. The brass somehow thinks it’s good for ratings.

  4. Herbabee commented on Tom Toles over 6 years ago

    abbreviated reactive response to all above:

    Thelonious. Sphere. Monk. (Miles too, for that matter)

    Transfigured. Night.

    Rhythmic. Gymnastics.

  5. Herbabee commented on Joel Pett over 6 years ago

    This is your brain on Crack-berry~

  6. Herbabee commented on Glenn McCoy over 6 years ago

    Ahh, glad even ET learned how to use “you’re” in proper context after that last transgression (“You’ve welcome,” I remind). Tee. Hee. Hee.

  7. Herbabee commented on Doonesbury over 6 years ago

    Sorry, BrianCrook… but NPR? Don’t make me laugh.


    And sadly, PBS dispensed with Moyers Journal and NOW, replacing them with a limp program that’s akin to NPR-TV.

  8. Herbabee commented on Tom Toles over 6 years ago

    I hate big people when they’re so patronizing~

  9. Herbabee commented on Drew Sheneman over 6 years ago

    prom? or prompt?

    Choose wisely…

  10. Herbabee commented on Ted Rall over 6 years ago

    Ha ha ha, love the dialogue! Right outta ‘Washington Week in Review’ on any Friday night (and the stale punditZ thereon may as well be oil-covered critters).