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  1. IndyMan commented on For Better or For Worse 1 day ago

    Didn’t have that option when my Mother wanted me to learn how to cook something. I stood right beside her while she had me do everything with her there to correct every mistake. While no a perfect cook, I can put together a meal, today—handy since I now life alone.

  2. IndyMan commented on Shoe 2 days ago

    I beg to differ, I preferred it to other options at the time, i.e. ‘Donald Duck Orange Juice’, which tasted like was half grapefruit juice and half lime juice or lemon juice—could never determine. All I knew was that it didn’t taste like any orange juice I had drank before ! ! !

  3. IndyMan commented on Pluggers 6 days ago

    Single lane country lane, a ‘pokey’ tractor ergo, a ‘pokemon’ ! ! !

  4. IndyMan commented on Shoe 6 days ago

    I have one question: Is that officer female or a male officer with a mullet ???

  5. IndyMan commented on Fred Basset 6 days ago

    Easy, Fred, easy—those kinds of ideas can get you into all kinds of trouble ! !

  6. IndyMan commented on Pluggers 9 days ago

    I had to stop wearing one—it was tugging my pants down and my wife said she got to see enough of that at night, she didn’t need to see it in the daytime ! ! ! !

  7. IndyMan commented on Shoe 11 days ago

    Sounds like ALL state and federal politicians ! ! ! !

  8. IndyMan commented on Shoe 13 days ago

    If there is such a thing, I have more respect for ‘Cosmo’ than ‘Shoe’ because in the wrong run ‘Cosmo’ is a more honorable bird than ‘Shoe’ ! ! ! !

  9. IndyMan commented on Shoe 14 days ago

    Shoe, is out of luck then at ‘Roz’—from what I hear, she only serves cold food and ‘cold tongue’ ! ! ! !! !

  10. IndyMan commented on Pluggers 21 days ago

    Sounds like my Brother-in-law, he avoids a bunch of ‘honey-dos’ that way .