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  1. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich over 4 years ago

    It is a bit ironic that a group like Chic-Fil-A that treats their employees well gets the wrath of the PC police, yet Hooters can exploit women to attract customers and that is fine. We are getting quite twisted.

  2. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich over 4 years ago

    Agree – everyone has a right to boycott just as they have a right to have an opinion. My daughter works there and loves the way they treat their employees. I’ll continue enjoying it. Big jump from not thinking same-sex marriage is OK to being “a bigot”. Name calling does not help create dialogue and understanding. Boycott away, but don’t become speech police – the latter takes us where hopefully no one wants to go!

  3. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich over 4 years ago

    If you’re not happy with them, then eat at Burger King, but quit whining. Is it really not OK for a business owner to have an opinion? Chic-Fil-A does more for their employees than any other fast-food restaurant or even business for that matter that I’ve heard of. Yet they will be hammered because a few people don’t like their views on this single issue, even though other enterprises can walk over their employees and get a pass. Gaaah. Increasingly disillusioned with this nation.

  4. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich over 4 years ago

    I get a kick how on such forums each side accuses the other of being bought out. Get real, folks, they ALL are bought out! Until we realize that and quit letting our votes be bought by slick and negative ads, it won’t change. Funny how often big corps give huge gifts to BOTH candidates, so whichever one wins, they’ve still bought the influence! Anyone unwilling to accept huge donations can’t even get on the radar of the electorate. It is not a democracy!

  5. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich over 4 years ago

    Hmmm – nearly 50% of Americans don’t pay any income tax. Not sure why he thinks the “have nots” are paying taxes. Emotion, not common sense, is ruling the debate on all sides.

  6. Jim commented on Pearls Before Swine over 4 years ago

    No doubt Rat represents the dark side of many of us who think about the same thing! And the rest of the population is oblivious to our dark thoughts. (They probably live longer as well!)

  7. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich almost 5 years ago

    Its not Reps or Dems – it’s US politics and it stinks. Maybe you’ve all forgotten when it was contested Dem primaries – same nonsense.

  8. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich about 5 years ago

    Ponzi = money invested now used to pay people who invested before. Money people invested before already spent. Implication, eventually there will be no more money to pay out to the last bunch of investors. Sure sounds like Social Security to me!

  9. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich over 5 years ago

    Recently read an alarming article about the warming of the oceans, the melting of the ice caps, and predictions that in 20-30 years many coastal cities would be under water. Of course, the fact that it was written in 1911 is a bit awkward. Global warming or not, we need to stem pollution and find other sources of energy than fossil fuels. But the politicized nature of this issue and the hatred with which reasonably-minded people who disagree are attacked makes no sense. It’s getting where debate is not allowed on certain theories in science. That is not a good place to be.

  10. Jim commented on Mike Luckovich over 5 years ago

    Great to blame the politicians (our nation is great at blaming others). But the politicians got us into this mess because we’ll not vote for them if they don’t keep telling us what we want to here. A spoiled, lazy populace IMO is the issue. They just reflect us. But, heck, it’s easier to blame the Republicans – or the Democrats, or Obama, or Bush – actually, let’s blame Eisenhower since he’s dead and can’t defend himself.