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  1. 1after909 commented on Over the Hedge 4 days ago

    If this strip is going to get into divisive politics it’ll be time to drop it from my list. Maybe Cagle can pick up OtH for his site.

  2. 1after909 commented on Shoe 7 days ago

    That’s what got Obama in office and kept him there, too.

  3. 1after909 commented on Grand Avenue 11 days ago

    A little “Shawshank” going on here?

  4. 1after909 commented on Lio 18 days ago

    Hello, McFly!

  5. 1after909 commented on Baldo 18 days ago

    Gracie resorts to violence in reaction to words — definitely not a sign of the high intellect she insists she has.

  6. 1after909 commented on Pluggers 21 days ago

    Another reason I’m glad I’m single.

  7. 1after909 commented on Tank McNamara 28 days ago

    What’s more American than complaining about people taking pleasure in something you don’t understand and therefore don’t like? Oh, woe is the world that doesn’t agree with you!

  8. 1after909 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Wow….didn’t take long for some idiots to drag politics into a non-political comic strip.

  9. 1after909 commented on Dog Eat Doug about 1 month ago

    “Grosser” is a movie, song, book etc that makes a lot of money. I think she means “more gross”.

  10. 1after909 commented on Liberty Meadows 2 months ago

    Hi, Tom! Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?